Surname List

This is the list of surnames (maternal) I am researching that are in my direct ancestoral line:

Stone, Walker, Wernse, Hicks, Hintze, Miller, Yorty, Troutman, Meyer, Moyer, Coleman, Kuhlman, Remsberg, Romesberg, Houch, Uhl, Hoyer, Thompson, Davis, Corey, Staley, Stahle Burlingame, Lambert, Campbell, Boorn, Sacharias, Long, Earle, Gasesett, Gassett, Drake, Tyler, Warner, Pierce, Brown, Savage, Frey, Bellinger.

List of surnames I am researching that are off-shoots (cousins):

House, Watts, DePew, Cousins, Holston, Holstein, Holste, Mues.

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