Wearing Grandpa’s Hat is a weblog (of Paula Becker’s) dedicated to researching and housing the genealogical information on the ancestors of Paula Jorjean Becker, particularly those of her mother, Elizabeth Gene Stone (Becker).  This weblog has been started with the purpose of putting what information has been gathered since early 2004 out into the internet community, with hopes to share and gain more information on my family history through others researching their roots.

There were other family members who went before me that did genealogy work.  Special thanks and appreciation go to:

Doris Grainger Kisler.  Doris is my first cousin-twice removed on my mother’s paternal side.  She’s been working on Stone genealogy for over 30 years.  Over the last two years, Doris has sent me much of the information she has gathered over the decades, which gave me solid leads for gathering more information as well as confirmed my own modest research. 

Frances West Brockus.   Frances (who has since passed on) is/was my first cousin-twice removed on my mother’s maternal side.  She worked on my grandmother Grace’s paternal genealogy (main surnames:  Walker & Hicks). 

Charles De Pew and his son Thomas N. De Pew.  My gr-gr uncle & first cousin-twice removed, respectively, on my mother’s, mother’s, mother’s paternal side.  Both have passed on, but I inherited what documents and letters my mother had received from them.  Some of the letters state that they have more family research that HASN’T been passed down so I hope to be making contact with my De Pew cousins in the near future for help with that side of the family history (main surname:  Wernse).

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    I am preparing for an upcoming genealogy presentation about examples of blogs and how they are used effectively in genealogy and family history. I would like to use your blog as an example. I would like to accurately describe and present your efforts. Could you please provide me:

    -Description (50 words or less) for each of your blogs
    -Short profile (if desired)
    -Link where you want genealogists to first come

    Kindest regards,

    Barry J. Ewell

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    I’ve been asked to host a table about genealogy blogs at my local genealogy society Family History Fair in October. May I have permission to use a screen capture from your blog that will be included in a continous loop slide show? I hope to display at least 60 of the top genealogy blogs in the presentation. I appreciate your consideration for this request. Thank you!

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    Was browsing your blog, trying to muster courage to start my own blog, and would like to point out the following:

    in your transcription of the Civil War Enlistment for Wm. F. Wernze, the last line should say ” Must[ered] out …….1864

    This is borne out in his bio sketch where it says he served 1861-1864

    good luck

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    Thanks, Jeany! It’s been a while since I’ve been on this site. Must dust off the cobwebs, too! Best–