William F. Wernse ~ Bench & Bar Bio Sketch

Above: Photo of William Frederick Wernse taken around the mid-19th century.

A recent internet find was that of a biographical sketch of my gr-gr-grandfather, William Frederick Wernse in a recently uploaded copy/scan of the Bench and Bar of St. Louis, Kansas City, Jefferson City, and Other Missouri Cities (Published by the American Biographical Publishing Company/H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co., Chicago, 1884), which featured biographical sketches of various figures in those regions whose employment was involved in law. Below is the bio on William Wernse, p. 207 & 208:

William F. Wernse.

Saint Louis

William F. Wernse is a brother of H.H. Wernse, a banker of Saint Louis, who has been engaged in the banking business for many years. William first came to Saint Louis in 1855, but removed to Illinois the same year. he attended the public schools in Illinois, where he lived until 1861, when he entered the United States service, serving with honor until 1864, and was in many of the battles of the Army of the Cumberland, and the Tennessee. In 1864, he engaged in the banking business, and continued until 1874, working in various capacities, commencing as messenger, and by industry, energy and by his superior business capacity, by gradual promotion obtained the position of cashier. In 1875 he entered the law department of Washington University, at Saint Louis, and is a graduate of the class of 1877. He was admitted to the Saint Louis bar and to the bar of the United States courts, and practiced law successfully until 1879. he is now editor of the “American Law Digest and Legal Directory” and the “American Banker’s Manual,” on which he has bestowed years of unremitting labor, and distinguished capacity, and enjoys a large patronage for these publications in all parts of the country. As a writer he is careful, accurate and discriminating, and has as aides in his work much of the best legal talent of the United States. Personally, Mr. Wernse is exceptionally courteous, kindly and gentlemanly in all his business and personal relations.

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