E.T. Stone/Ursula Davis (Stone) 50th Anniversary Photo, 1925

I was able to locate this photo of the 50th anniversary of my great, great grandparents, of which I had previously posted about here.

Front Row, L-R:  Peggy Jean Stone, Paul Grainger, Ethel Stone, Doris Grainger, Joseph Grainger, James E. Stone.

Second Row:  Ada Stone, Frank Stone, Bobby Williamson, Ben Stone, Mrs. E.T. Stone, E.T. Stone, Thurza Grainger (holding Winnie Grainger), Walter C. Stone Sr., Edwin E. Stone.

Top Row:  Kenneth Stone, Margaret Stone, Jerry Williamson, Duane Stone, Thyra Stone, Walter C. Stone, Jr., Florence Howard, Werden Stone, Rose Stone, Alberta Stone, Harry Granger, Dorothy Stone.

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    This is an amazing site! And what a great picture! Thanks for the comment you left at my site…I’ve only just begun as I jave at least 50 letters and a ton of pics!