Eli T. and Ursula Stone 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1925

  Posted in a De Soto, Missouri newspaper:

   “On Tuesday, August 11, 1925, There came to   Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Stone and relatives, a pleasure and privilege that few are allowed to enjoy, the celebration of Mr. and Mrs. Stone’s, fiftieth wedding anniversary.

This couple was married in Syracuse, N.Y. and came to De Soto in 1881 where they have lived and become worthy and respected citizens.

On Tuesday noon a simple luncheon served only to the relatives and the children presented Mr. Stone with a gold watch.  To this was added a charm from his grandchildren.

Mr. Stone’s gift to the bride was a beautiful whitegold wedding ring, and from the children she received fifty gold dollars and from the grandchildren, a gold thimble.  From Jimmy who knew his great grandparents’ failing, came a box of chocolates.  Other relatives present gave gold pieces.  From friends outside the family, came gold coins, jewelry and appropriate bric-a-brac, including a beautiful cameo brooch for the bride and a stick pin for the groom.

In the afternoon, group photographs were taken of the entire family, of Mr. Stone and his visiting brother and sisters, and of Mr. E. T. Stone, Mr. W. C. Stone, Mr. E. E. Stone and Master Jimmy, this representing four generations of eldest sons.

At seven o’clock an excellent dinner was served.  The menu consisted almost entirely of dishes colored gold or white.  Place cards, favors, napkins, etc. were decorated with yellow daisies.

At the table were a few intimate friends and Mr. and Mrs. Stone, Walter, Jr., Thyra and Kenneth Stone of Webster Grove, Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Stone, Duane and the Ethel Stone of Detroit, Michigan, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Grainger, Dorie, Joseph, Paul and Winifred Grainger of Laddonia, Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Stone and Peggy Jean of Wichita, Kansas, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Williamson of St. Louis, Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stone and Jimmy of St. Louis, Mrs. F. D. Howard, sister of Mr. Stone, of Syracuse, N. Y. and Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Stone of Flint, Michigan.

During the evening some of the talented children and grandchildren and Jimmy enlivened the time with music, after which the Stone’s favorite and time honored pastime, “shadow pictures” was indulged in.

At a late hour, the party broke up, all wishing the fortunate couple happiness in the years to come.  In this the Press heartily joins.”

The following article was posted in The Advertiser, a small paper which E. T. owned and published:

Going Some, What?

On August 11, 1875, Mr. Eli T. Stone and Miss Ursula Agnes Davis were wed.

On Tuesday, August 11, 1925, their five children, eleven grandchildren and one great grandson, and the acquired husbands and wives of the family, and Mr. Stone’s sister and his brother and wife, twenty-six in all, count ’em, had arrived in De Soto from several states to celebrate the fiftieth aniversary of the wedding, and believe me, ‘they done so.’  In fact they commenced to celebrate as soon as the first ones arrived, which was some time before the scheduled event.  The Advertiser regrets its inability to make a full report of the entire celebration for some of the Stones are still here and still at it.”

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