Eli Thompson Stone and Family Picture: 1913

First Row:  Duane Stone, Arthur Kenneth Stone.

Second Row:  Frank Kenyen Stone, Alberta Johnston Long (Stone), Thurza Alice Stone (Granger), Thyra Alberta Stone.

Third Row:  Charles Bennett Stone, Ursula Agnes Davis (Stone), Walter Corey Stone, Sr.,  Walter Corey Stone, Jr. (my grandfather), Eli Thompson Stone, Ursula (“Bobby”) Marie Stone.

Fourth Row:  Ada Reah Marshall (Stone), Edwin Eli Stone.

  1. Cin’s avatar

    these old photos are so wonderful, the three women looking directly at the camera, wonderful faces!

  2. beckerp’s avatar

    Well, thank you, Cin! I appreciate you stopping by, saying ‘Hey’, and leaving a comment! Yes, I agree…Old photos are very interesting!