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PBS "Ancestors"

I’ve not been meaning to neglect this website, but I’m still trying to figure out how I want to lay this thing out.  Too much thinking; I should just post.  Anyway, I hope to be posting more lineage in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I was browsing the site for the PBS documentary entitled “Ancestors“.  I know it aired a while back but I never saw it when it was shown.  It looks good and has all kinds of links, articles, videos, and examples of others’ finds.  Enjoy.


Before Samuel Stone…?

Beyond Samuel Stone, our family doesn’t have a record or any documentation of the Stone ancestoral line, but via some of my internet reseach, I did come across a posted lineage that may be the missing piece of that puzzle.  On the Hamilton County New York Genweb site (part of the USGenWeb Project), and in the ‘Biographies’ section, Marcia Buffett uploaded the fruits of her research on a particular branch of the Stone family she has been researching.  My ancestors, Samuel Stone and Abigail Corey are mentioned in her listing, seen below: 

One Line of Descent of Daniel Stone of Salem, MA

Generation No. 1

     1.  DANIEL STONE (HUGH) was born April 28, 1677 in Andover, Mass, and died November 16, 1720 in Salem, Mass.

     2.  He married SARAH WALLIS July 18, 1699 in Salem, Mass., daughter of JOHN WALLIS and BRIDGET SHEPARD.


     i.     DANIEL STONE, b. November 10, 1700, Salem, Mass.

Generation No. 2

     3.  DANIEL STONE (DANIEL1, HUGHA) was born November 10, 1700 in Salem, Mass.  He married

     4.  MARY WOOD January 11, 1725 in Hopkins, Mass, daughter of JOHN WOOD and ELIZABETH BUCKMINSTER.


Property in Hopkinton, deeds of Essex Co. 39, 23

Birth:  Salem Vital Statistic Records

Children of DANIEL STONE and MARY WOOD are:

     i.  MARTHA STONE, b. November 12, 1726, Hopkinton, Mass; m. SAMUEL BOWKER, October 5, 1749, Hopkins, Mass.

     ii.  JOSIAH STONE, b. July 29, 1730, Hopkinton, Mass; d. abt. 1790, Colrain, Mass.

     iii.  DANIEL STONE, b. December 6, 1732, Hopkinton, Mass, d. 1759; m. HANNA (STONE).

     iv.  BENJAMIN STONE, b. November 14, 1742, Westborough, Mass.

     v.  SARAH STONE, b. June 11, 1745, Hopkinton, Mass.

     vi.  SAMUEL STONE, b. June 13, 1751, Hopkinton, Mass; m. PRUDENCE BASSETT, abt. 1777.

     vii.  BENJAMIN STONE, b July 9, 1738, Westborough, Mass; d. November 1 1741, Westborough, Mass.

Generation No. 3

     3.  JOSIAH STONE (DANIEL2, DANIEL1, HUGHA) was born July 29, 1730 in Hopkinton, Mass., and died abt. 1790 in Colrain, Mass.

     4.  He married MARY SANFORD March 12, 1760 in Mass, daughter of JOHN SANDORD and HULDAH WHEELOCK.


Rev. War soldier 5th Hamps., Co.  Was in the Five Days Rebellion, 1787.

Children of JOSIAH STONE and MARY SANFORD are:

     i.  ANNA STONE, b July 19, 1761, Oakham, Mass

     ii.  BENJAMIN STONE, b April 10, 1763, Oakham, Mass; d. July 5, 1839, Ballina Cazenovia, Madison Co, NY; m. HANNA MCHANESS, January 22, 1783, Colrain, Mass.

     iii.  MARTHA STONE, b. March 5, 1767, Oakham, Mass; d. February 3, 1853, Heath, Mass; m. ISSAC CHAPIN, May 10, 1804, Heath, Mass.

     iv.  ELI STONE, b. 1770, Oakham, Mass.; d. May 15, 1857, Northampton, Fulton Co, NY.

     v.  JOSEPH STONE, b. July 13, 1772, Colrain, Mass; d. August 19, 1841, Luzerne Warren Co, NY

     vi.  SARAH STONE, b. June 13, 1775, Colrain, Mass.

     vii.  HULDAH STONE, b. September, 1778, Colrain, Mass.

Generation No. 4

     5.  ELI STONE (JOSIAH3, DANIEL2, DANIEL1, HUGHA) was born 1770 in Oakham, Mass, and died May 15, 1857 in Northampton, Fulton Co, NY.

     6.  He married DEBORAH CAMPBELL 1789. ELI is buried in Main St. Cemetery, Northville, NY.

Notes for ELI STONE:

He was in Shay’s Insurrection


     i.  CYRUS STONE, b. abt 1793, Colraine, Mass; d. abt. 1880.

     ii.  SAMUEL STONE, b. August 7, 1801; m. ABIGAIL COREY.

     iii.  POLLY STONE, b. 1805, Northampton, Fulton Co, NY; d. July 11, 1887, Northampton, Hamilton Co, NY.


Information submitted by:  Marica Buffett

Copyright © 2000:  Marcia Buffett

So if this is indeed part of my lineage too, it can bee seen where Eli Thompson Stone gets his first name from (his grandfather).  It would also show that at some point, Samuel Stone’s father, Eli, moved to Northampton, NY from Oakham, Mass., with the remaining ancestors all from Massachusettes.  Samuel Stone may have been born in Mass. or NY–or somewhere else but he did end up in NY.




Samuel Stone 1801-?


I have little information on  Anthony Corey Stone’s father, Samuel Stone.  Samuel Stone was born on August 7, 1801. I have no death date at this point.  Samuel married Abigail Corey (June 7, 1800 – June 30, 1880), on May 19, 1822.  I think Samuel Stone was born and spent his life in the state of New York, most likely in the towns of Northampton and Augusta, but I don’t have solid documentation of this. 

Samuel and Abigail had nine children.  Doris Kistler sent me a list of the children and various dates that was in a diary kept by Julia Aurelia Thompson (who married Anthony Corey Stone).  The children are as follows:

William Stone:  b. 14 MAY 1823; d. 28 MAR 1825; Married: Hepsibah Sweat.

John W. Stone:  b. 6 MAR 1825; d. ?; Married:  Betsy Palmer.

Joseph Stone:  b. 3 SEP 1827; d. 27 MAR 1865; Married:  Amelia Fellows.

Warner C. Stone:  b. 1 JUL 1830; d. ?; Married:  Susan Allen.

Anthony Corey Stone:  b. 1 JUN 1832; d. 13 DEC 1914; Married:  Julia Aurelia Thompson.

Sarah A. Stone:  b. 22 JUN 1834; d. ?; Married:  Hawley T. Peck, 31 OCT 1854.

Bradley Stone:  b. 12 JUN 1836; d. ?; Married:  Susanna Bobather.

Charles Laton Stone:  b. 8 APR 1839; d. 30 DEC 1863.

Frances G. Stone:  b. 1 OCT 1841; d. ?; Married George C. Baker.

Doris also mentioned that Anthony Corey and his sister, Sarah, were both wed on the same day and stood up for each other, but not in the same church.