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Hintze, Wernse

Mina Hintze (Wernse)–Photos

Two photos of Mina Hintze Wernse.

Below: Mina, about age 10 (so photo taken c. 1860).

Below: No date for this photo but my guess would be around 1900 given the clothes she’s wearing.

Hintze, Wernse

Mina Hintze (Minnie Wernse)

My gr-gr grandfather, William F. Wernse, married Mina Hintze (in the photo above). There’s been hardly any info about her passed down through the family, and now that everyone is gone, I’m on my own to see what I can find. I’ve been able to gather bits and pieces about her family but it’s not much. Thus far I have only a handful of sources I’ve gleaned some info from (her death certificate, an old copy of The Central Magazine, Vol. VI, No 5, Nov. 1875, and internet census reports). Here’s what I’ve found out:

– William F. Wernse and Mina Hintze married in 1869 (Central Magazine).

– She was born 28 OCT 1850 (death certificate), though that doesn’t jive with the 1880 census.

– Born in St. Louis, MO (death certificate).

– Her father’s name was Henry Hintze (dc) and her mother’s Sophia __?__ (1880 census), both from Germany.

– She graduated with academic honors from the Ursuline Convent at Alton, IL (Central Magazine).

– Her occupation was listed as “housekeeper” (1880 census; death certificate).

– She died on 4 DEC 1930 at age 80 (death cert.).

– She was buried 6 DEC 1930 in Bellefontaine Cemetery, St. Louis, MO (death cert.).

– She and William had 14 children.

I don’t know if “Mina” is short for Wilhemina, though it’s likely. Her death certificate identifies her as “Minnie Wernse”.