Urban Sketches: Celtic Music in the Park

Yesterday evening, I bicycled over to Beaconsfield to sketch and listen to the last of the summer concerts in the park, featuring a Montreal-based Celtic band called Celtic Mindwarp. At a picnic table near the water, I set out my pens and watercolors and sketched.

Below: Initially, I had a lot of lights and shadows as the sun was setting. But I quickly lost all of that as it dropped behind clouds and trees. I was rapidly losing my light! I felt I had to work really fast, or completely lose the moment. I’m still working out what watercolors to bring with me. I tried a new set up, but, again, the paper is absorbent and not made to take water. That was a little frustrating. Then I realized that I didn’t have a black. When I was making my watercolor paint box, I had tons of tubes of color, but no black. I had placed a block of what I THOUGHT was black in the box, but it turned out to be an indigo blue. Frustration again. Oh. But the music! Fan-tastico!

Below: Accompanying photo showing sketch. The colors are really that saturated. But I can’t pull that off with the materials I have.

Below: Then I turned and faced the water and sketched. I also couldn’t simulate the pale blues, oranges, yellows, & pink hues in the sky. Even the camera failed to pick it up.

Below: Accompanying photo.

And some video. Such a talented bunch, these guys!

I’m getting a backlog of these now. I still have sketches from Sunday that I want to post. I hope to get those up at some point.

And I encourage you to get out there and enjoy the summer before it’s gone. Go sketching yourself…or take a book, music, food, a drink (or just yourself!)–whatever helps you relax–and enjoy the last of August!

2 Responses to Urban Sketches: Celtic Music in the Park
  1. Jazz
    August 18, 2010 | 12:44 pm

    The last of August and of summer! (insert pathetic whimper here). I love the “sketch with photo” thing you’re doing!

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