Sketches: Sunset 3 & Willow Branches

Look at that.  I can go back and sketch the same scene and it’s completely (and dramatically!) different.  At one point the blue color of the sky was indescribable (Though I did think to compare it to a scene in the latter part of the movie Contact, where Jodie Foster’s character is, in some respect, transported to a beach shore.  The colors of the world she was in were just a tad odd, other-worldly, somewhat saturated, and with a little diffusion.  At least that’s the way I remember it).  Anyway, that’s what I was thinking about during the time that blue was in the sky.  Against the shocking pinks and oranges, and the muted dirty lavender, it looked like a saturated turquoise color.  Well, obviously I’m struggling to describe the scene with words, so good thing there’s a sketch to tell the story.

About half an hour prior to sketching the above sunset, I again did a sketch of the same willow tree I drew a month or so ago. 

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