Prrraaaaaise the Lord!

That’s the title and thrust of the page this illustration is for anyway.  Praising God in everything one does, from playing tuba, to reading a book, or eating pizza.  I’ve been doing a LOT of collage work lately, particularly combined with traditional mediums and linework.  I had posted the rough and illo in progress on the tuba boy, but here’s the complete finished illustration, with the rough as well.

8 Responses to Prrraaaaaise the Lord!
  1. Lil
    August 9, 2006 | 9:17 am

    I LOVE the collage aspect in these illos. The “real” parts blend in so well with the drawing.

  2. Colleen
    August 10, 2006 | 12:39 am

    When I first saw this post, I was convinced that the rough was my favorite. Now I’m not so sure. The background and action lines on your finished pieces really make your picture(s) quite interesting. Nicely done.

  3. Momma Pajama
    August 10, 2006 | 7:29 am

    Hi Paula! This is wonderful! I really like how the illustration and photos work together! Did the client supply the photos, or did you have to find them yourself? (I notice that the tuba is turned around from your rough to the final. Glad you caught that! My brother played tuba in high school!) Is this for a magazine?

  4. monicalee
    August 10, 2006 | 2:16 pm

    oola-la! Something new brewing for Palua! Cute stuff!

  5. chickengirl
    August 10, 2006 | 10:57 pm

    I enjoyed looking at these- its always great to see what you are up to, Paula. I know these collages take you a bit to do but its worth it- looks wondeful.

  6. Paula
    August 11, 2006 | 7:46 am

    Thanks, Lil. : ) I find it hard to blend the two–particularly when it’s line-work on the figures (client’s choice, not mine). Appreciate your input!

    Colleen: I usually favor the roughs myself. It’s hard to recapture the spontinaity of the linework on the final piece. I’m glad that you like THIS final, though! Thanks for your comment!

    Monica: Yeeeeeeah… : ) Merci, Monica!

    cg: They take WAY too long to do! I think I have a patience/concentraion problem. Tarrying over art happens way too often. Glad you left a comment. Thanks!

    MJ: Thank you! No, I used my own photos. And, no, it’s for curriculum. As for the tuba, yes, I didn’t use a reference for the rough, but once it went to final (and I had a real tuba to work with), I had to ‘fix’ that little problem. What…? They don’t make left-handed tubas?

  7. Alina
    August 11, 2006 | 1:22 pm

    THese are wonderful illos!

  8. Valdecir Jesus
    October 12, 2006 | 11:28 am

    I would like to say that I liked so much of yours ilustrations.. Congratulations !!!