Samples: Chirp Summer 15–Surf’s Up!

An illustration created for the summer ’15 issue of Chirp magazine:

chirp summer 15-cov and spread 1

chirp summer 15 illos 1

chirp summer 15 illos 2

Samples: Pony-Boy & Puppies in the Park

fotf-park-horse 1

fotf-park-dogs 1

Highlights Hidden Pictures: “Jojo’s Fro-Yo” Illustration

I was passing a magazine shop the other day and found this Hidden Picture illustration I did in the recent Highlights Hidden Pictures magazine. Perfect for summer! Enjoying some frozen yogurt at Fro-Yo’s. : ) Thank you, Highlights!

HL-HP summer 15 1

HL-HP summer 15 2

hl-hp summer 15 3

hl-hp summer 15 4

(c) Highlights for Children

Sample Illustration: HighFive Hidden Picture

This is a new Hidden Picture puzzle illustration for Highfive Magazine. I also have some closeups of the little mouse running the race, below. Silly mice!

hp-h5-mouse 1-small hp-h5-mouse 2

(c) Highlights for Children

Sample Illustrations: “Hay There, Neighbor!”

This is a fun puzzle I illustrated for the back of a Focus on the Family Publication, Clubhouse, Jr.

fotf-hay full 1

Close ups:



(c) Focus on the Family

Samples: “The Guided Path” Illustration

Below is a sample (in my cartoon-style) of a spot for the “Heartmatters” column I create illustrations for bi-monthly. All of these stories are uplifting and faith-building. I am blessed to be able to read this and then created illustrations to enhance the story.

group-cartoon (april15)

April Spot Illustration for Highlights magazine

I have a little, fun spot illustration in this month’s (April ’15) issue of Highlights magazine (below)! I enjoyed adding my spin to this experiment called “Eye Challenge” for the science section of the magazine. I hope the kids have fun doing it. I know I had fun depicting the experiment!

hl-apr14-illos 2

(c) Highlights

Cricket Magazine Illustration: “What’s Wrong?”

I love doing big, busy spreads with a lot of activity going on. This one was for Cricket magazine. See if you can find the sports-related “wrongs” in this illustration.






(c) Cricket Magazine/Carus

HighFive Magazine: “Watch Us Move!”

This is an illustration of mine printed in HighFive. Kids’ keeping active–with a little help from animals!







(Copyright Highlights for Children)

Highlights Hidden Picture–Superchallenge Illustration

This is a Hidden Picture I did for Highlights for Children. See if you can find 30 hidden objects in this illustration!

sc-ski_full 72

sc-ski_spots 2 72sc-ski_spots 1 72

Mouse Sketch 1

val-mouse 2up


I’m behind in sharing published pieces. Here’s a single-page spread that came out in the November ’14 issue of HighFive magazine. It’s fun to do the images for these fun, little poems!



A Cartooning & Lettering Kinda Day

On (and off) the drawing board:

girl & lettering 1

Halloween ’14: Haunted House

It’s been a while since I updated! Time to do so, and I’ll begin with a Halloween piece I worked on recently. The main piece and closeups are below. I can always add and tweak, but there is a time to call an illustration “Done!” Happy Halloween, everyone!




halloween-promo-t2-takeout1halloween-promo--t2-takeout 2


Samples: Late August Cruisin’

This was a fun piece–Fresh OFF the drawing board! I thought this befitting for late August. : )