April Stuff

This week’s work on the drawing board. All are works-in-progress and at the rough stage. A range of styles keeps things fresh!


Spot Illustration Fun

Thankfully, spring looks like it’s making it’s appearance. I see buds on trees, I spotted some bulbs sprouting, temps are on the rise…and most of the snow is melting away. I soon may be able to put the parka away for good!

Below are some segments of illustrations I did this year for a poster about reading books. You can read a book anywhere, dontcha know!


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Polar Bears, Baby Bears, Waiters & Octopuses

What do these things have in common? Nothing, really. Other than they are things I’ve been drawing the studio as of late. Below are just a sampling of illustrations that have been on my drawing board recently. Fun stuff, drawing octopuses getting married. Heh.


Happy Easter ’13!


Easter 6

Something different–and quick: Illustration mixed with photos.


Easter 5

Some fun with softer, less cartoony bunny images for Easter cards.


Easter 4 & Some Musings

And so I shall round out the week with  more rabbits. Or bunnies. Either/or.  And a rabbit/bunny pattern, to be exact.

Making patterns is enjoyable, I find, though that is an exercise I pretty much do on my own time, for my own projects. It’s a completely different approach to creating something visual. Whereas I’m usually doing something that creates or enhances a story, to just simply take an image–and related images–and play with juxtaposition, alignment, color, texture, etc., has a very liberating quality to it. No need to weave a narrative. I am free to just enjoy the design.


Illustration Friday: “Eye Glasses”

A quicky warm-up for Illustration Friday. What a fun topic!  So many ways to go with this.  And I’m keeping the Easter theme going.

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Easter 3

I love this pink bunny.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patick’s Day Card

I forgot…St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, March 17th. It has me wanting to have something Irish for lunch. But I will settle for an avocado. That’s green, too!

Below is a St. Patrick’s Day greeting card I was commissioned to do a few years ago. I’ve never had green beer myself, but it looks pretty enough!


Easter 2

What is Easter without more bunnies?! This is from an Easter card I did last year. …And I just noticed he’s missing whiskers!


Easter 1

I love playing with the icons and images that surround holidays, and Easter is no exception. Being a cartoonist and humorous illustrator, images of bunnies, egg, chicks, baskets, etc. are my favorites to draw from this holiday. So I think I will be decorating my blog frequently with past and present images I am working on or are related to Easter. And I may throw spring into that mix. We shall see!

I begin with a bunny. This one is rather traditional in style and has a pattern and icons that compliment. Fun!


Illustration Friday: “Talent”

Finally!  A little something for Illustration Friday:


Click on the link above to see all the other entries. And be sure to enter something yourself!

Take A Sound Walk

Here’s a fun illustration that was published in a recent Highlights’ High Five magazine (January ’13, I think). The activity looks like a lot of fun! Try it by yourself or with children! And, as always, my thanks to the great people at Highlights!




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