Newfoundland, Day 4: Manuels River/Manuels Head

Day four was more relaxed. In the late morning, my FIL and I ran a few errands on the way to take a hike along Manuels River, on Conception Bay. But before that I persuaded him to stop at a few garage sales along the way. Then we were off for a hike.

There is a nature park with trails along the river that is maintained by the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society. The area is also internationally known for fossilized trilobites, so there is a big emphasis on fossils at the center located in the park. I did a sketch cartoon (below) of my FIL as he was digging through a pile of shale on the side of a cliff, showing me how to find fossils.

On the opposite page, I sketched one of the flowers that was on the trail.

We took the trail all the way to the mouth of Manuels River (Manuels Head) and as we sat on the cliff overlooking Conception Bay, I did another sketch (below).

Below: Photo of same scene. My FIL is talking to my husband on the phone, who happened to call us as we were sitting  out there.

Below: A video

One Response to Newfoundland, Day 4: Manuels River/Manuels Head
  1. Gina
    September 5, 2009 | 2:38 am

    Love the cliff scence, a beautiful piece of work, you are very talented