Greeting Cards: Teenage Birthday

Some samples of greeting cards I did came in the mail today. That’s always exciting, to see how they turned out in print. I was pleased with this one as it’s the first time I did it entirely on my lap top. the line work and colors came out well. I’m liking it, yeah. And I enjoyed creating this piece though it went through a LOT of revisions. I’m particularly pleased in how the inside copy flows meshes with the front. I think this is on of my favorites to date.

(copyright RSVP/Ronnie Sellers)

Front copy:

“Being a teenager has it’s advantages.  It’s that special time of life…

Inside copy:

…when you can still blame your parents for pretty much EVERYTHING!  Happy Birthday”

2 Responses to Greeting Cards: Teenage Birthday
  1. Jazz
    June 10, 2008 | 9:42 am

    I wish I could still blame my parents for pretty much everything. Unfortunately, now it’s on my head.

  2. Paula
    June 10, 2008 | 3:16 pm

    Jazz: Yeah, Unfortunately, I was pulling that one well up into my late 20’s I think. : )