Flint Hills Discover Center Exhibit–Rags the Dog Illustrations

This is a really fun project I worked on this summer, that was special in several ways. First, it was for a museum display; second, it was a character development project; and, third, it was going to be large! From the photos taken by my client, Roy Garrett, the Sr. Exhibits and Operations Manager for the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, Kansas, it turned out well!

The image of Rags the Dog (According to wikipedia, “…a mixed breed terrier who became the U.S. 1st Infantry Division’s dog-mascot in WWI.”), was commissioned for the children’s area of the temporary exhibit, “Duty First: 100 Years of the Big Red One”. The children can participate in the “Rags Confidence Course”, part of the Camp Funston display, where “Rags” (via my illustrations turned into poster-size stands) encourages the kids as they go through an obstacle course. I also drew the Camp Funston gate part of the display.

I heard the over-all exhibit was well received, and that the little kids loved doing the course! It’s always a pleasure to see (and hear!) how a project turns out in the end!

(Photo credits: Roy Garrett)

My sketches and some final art, below:

I gave the client several character options, displayed below:

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