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Warm Up: A Dog & His Man

Warm Up: My View

Warm Up: Bunny in Garden

This morning’s warm up drawing…

Ski Bunny


A little warm up drawing for the day. Enjoy your weekend!

Warm Up: A Beatle

I’ve been Beatles-obsessed the past month or so. Maybe it’s all the new Beatles products that have come out (The Beatles Rock Band gameplay, the remastering of their catalogue…) that’s got me interested in exploring them afresh. Also, with today’s internet you can easily explore The Beatles history, music, movies, etc. Mostly, though, I’ve been enjoying reading through Alan Pollack’s analysis of their songs. A musicologist, Pollack has, over a period of a decade, analyzed the bulk of The Beatles’ songs and covers. Unfortunately I don’t have a grasp on music theory so much of what he says is over my head, but I still find it intriguing and  helpful to hearing the nuances of The Beatles’ tunes.

Oh…The drawing. I wanted to just see what I could come up with quickly in drawing a Beatle. No real attempt was made at characterizing a particular one (though this probably looks the most like John, c 1964). I also didn’t want to include all four and do an elaborate scene. Warm-ups are for quick studies…like the above.

Warm Up: Teens At Locker

I’m working at getting into the studio earlier in the morning (verses mid-morning) so I can get more done. I’m hoping this will help me knock things off my ‘to-do’ list. And there is MUCH to do. Like little drawings like this ‘un.

It's Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving today in Canada, in case you don’t already know that. : ) The above is quick, simple cartoon to celebrate the occasion; just for fun and a little warm up exercise.  If only there really was some turkey (and all the fixings) around here to graze on!

Warm Up: Trick or Treating

One of several afternoon warm-up drawings, though I consider this finished for now. I enjoy doing line drawings when they’re not rigid.

Reading Frog

I’ve been continuing to mess around with painting images rather than my usual colorized line work. It’s been fun and feels good for the most part. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do with these pieces or where they’re going. We shall see.

Warm Up: A Walk to School

I’m experimenting, stepping away from the line work and using primarily paint (digital). This was done in Painter X with the digital watercolors.

Warm Up: 2 Little Pigs

I’m playing around with different tools here (Both pigs are done digitally, btw). Pig #1 is done with a dry ink brush and colorized with pastels and pencil and a bit of splattered ink. I like that the ink line is a little unpredicable, going from thin to thick, etc. It’s kinda tight but not really. Pig #2 is done with in a dark brown pencil. I do the line work lightly then double up the line layer to thicken it up. The background is done with pastels and pencil. Does the treatment of the line make a big difference here? It does in how I go about treating the over-all drawing but not sure from first glance. Thoughts?

Warm Up: Fall Girl

I was doing random warm-up drawings this morning, this little girl being among them. Starting with a head, then a scarf around a neck, led to a fall spot.

Warm Up: Bugs

I can’t seem to draw today. It’s one of those times when I’m frustrated with the thing even before I draw a line. Nothing comes off as right.  The only thing that I liked enough was these two guys above, passing each other on their way to their work locations.

Warm Up: Happy and Friends

I’m liking working with the pencil tool in Painter. I gravitate towards medium that helps me keep things looser.

Warm Up: Chickens & Ducks