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Warm Up: Fox in Snow

Not feeling all that able to draw today. This is kind of what it looks like outside presently, minus the fox.

fox in snow 1_72

Warm Up: Bear with Book

This might be kind of out of my style, but I was experimenting with the watercolor brushes primarily and just let it evolve.


Halloween: Bat & Vampires


Today’s warm-up drawing:

Warm-Up: Sheep Character

Warm-up: Dinosaur, Pickles, Fairy

Just some random warm up drawings.


Warm Up: Beach Scene

I’m trying to do some warm up drawings and messing with different styles and brushes, papers, etc.

This is a simple line-art drawing, digitally drawn, without working off a rough. I used Painter 11, with the paper set so it has some tooth. When I use a pencil, I usually use the “grainy cover pencil”, which will cover any colors used underneath the it’s layer, as well as pick up on the grainy texture of the paper. If you work digitally, you know you can control the amount of grain with some of your tools. Painter’s digital watercolors are underneath the line work. I like to use them quick and fast. I don’t like things to look tight, so I’m fighting that ALL the time when I work. And finally, I will sometimes double up the line work and/or color layers, depending on how bold I want things to be. In this case, I went for bold.


Joyeux Fete Nationale!

Uhm…Kinda a day late, though today is the day government offices, etc. are closed in Quebec. Celebrations were everywhere in the province yesterday. I’m using the occasion as a warm-up drawing, cartoon-style. Have a great Monday!


Warm Up: Boy With Ice Cream

A warm up drawing on an already hot day. What do YOU do to stay cool when it’s hot…?

Water Play

Hallelua! It’s National Raisin Bran Cereal Day!

Something silly to draw about. : ) I do have a favorite Raisin Bran cereal, when I do buy the product: Skinners. They tout themselves to be the FIRST raisin bran. I prefer the brand because they don’t sugar-coat the raisins. Which I don’t understand in the first place. Why all the sugar all over the already sweet-enough raisin, Kelloggs, Post, etc.? What’s up with that..?  But really (as you can see in my cartoon on the matter), just combining raisins with your favorite bran or plain cereal is much better for you. And that’s what I pretty much do.

I had myself come up with a quickie cartoon. The results….

Warm Up: Monster Girl

Another warm up drawing before tackling the other stuff.

Warm Up: Monster Man

Just something to get the muscles moving and brain churning before I hit the client stuff.

Warm Up: Fearing Fall

I know, I know. Fall has some beautiful aspects to it, what with the leaves changing color, etc. But I find it hard to enjoy the season as I know it’s only a prelude to a looong winter. Blah.

Warm Up: Bunny in the Rain

It’s one of those days. You know them. Days where you don’t have any media stimulation on at all (no radio, tv, music, twitter, etc.). And the clock on the wall, the ticking was too loud so it was removed. All I can hear are the leaves blowing in the breeze and a squirrel in the far background, fussing about something. A dog now barks in the distance. Sometimes you have to create your own peace.