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Sketches: After The Fajitas Are Gone

Mmm-mmm! There’s nothing like a hot, sizzling plate of fajitas to warm your warm belly on a warm summer evening!  And afterward, I sipped on coffee and tea as I relaxed and sketched the scene before me. When I finished, the gentleman at a nearby table asked me if I was sketching. Yes, I said. Do you sketch, too? It turned out the man was Helmut Langeder, a local Montreal artist and retired commercial illustrator. I bowed to him and said, “I’m not worthy!” (Oh, yeah…I pretty much did do and say that!) But despite my bufoonery, he invited me to sit down and I joined he and his wife, and we talked a bit about art and life in general. It turns out I had met him before. A few years ago, I had stopped at a yard sale once that turned out to be his. I bought up a couple of Illustration Quebec directories from him and we chatted briefly. He also had given me a promo postcard of his. I remember looking him up on the internet and realizing, hey…this guy is pretty darn good! Anyway, I love how a day can sometimes unfold and you find yourself doing things, or meeting up with people you hadn’t planned on. ALL of yesterday was like that! Oh, how I love you, summer! Keep it coming!

And a “sizzling” video to make you gag:

Sketches: Blues in the Park

I bicycled to another concert last night, this one being fairly close by. The Kevin Mark Blues Band played outside on the grounds at Stewart Hall in Pointe Claire, Quebec. I did some sketching, but not of the band. I struggled a lot, trying to like what was coming out on the paper, but unsuccessfully so. That’s how it goes sometimes.The music was great though. This is one of (many) things I like about summer.

Below: Video sample of The Kevin Mark Blues Band playing yesterday evening.

Sketches: Big Band in the Park

It’s concerts-in-the-park time here on the West Island! And, finally, one is actually IN the park!

I pedaled down to Beaconsfield’s Centennial Park last night to check out the music of The Centennial Band (put together for just this occasion). They played a string of 30’s and early 40’s hits of the Big Band era–String of Pearls, Sing! Sing! Sing!, In The Mood, etc. A 15-piece combo of local musicians who did a fantastic job on these songs. Well done, Beaconsfield!

Below: Me and my sketchbook. I was just getting started.

Below: The actual sketch. I was getting frustrated as things just wouldn’t translate as I wanted them to on the paper. Bah!

Below: A brief video to share. They sound good, hmmm? As you can see, it was a hot evening, what with the fans.

So I hope this encourages you to get out and enjoy the summer days/evenings! Do some sketching, picture taking–whatever helps you to document the moment!

Newfoundland, Day 5: Ferryland

Monday was an easy day, with my in-laws and I driving down to Ferryland (on the coast, South of St. John’s). We hiked out to the lighthouse where I did a few quick sketches. The fog was heavy and the cliffs, rocks and water below were hard to see, if we could see them at all. After our hike, we ate lunch at a small cafe called the Ferryland Cafe and Gifts. I had some onion soup with a home-made roll, followed by tea and a partridgeberry crumble with whipped cream. All yummy.

Below: Ferryland lighthouse, sketch 1:

Below: Ferryland lighthouse, sketch 2:

Below: A short video; comparing my sketch of the lighthouse to the lighthouse.

Newfoundland, Day 4: Manuels River/Manuels Head

Day four was more relaxed. In the late morning, my FIL and I ran a few errands on the way to take a hike along Manuels River, on Conception Bay. But before that I persuaded him to stop at a few garage sales along the way. Then we were off for a hike.

There is a nature park with trails along the river that is maintained by the Manuels River Natural Heritage Society. The area is also internationally known for fossilized trilobites, so there is a big emphasis on fossils at the center located in the park. I did a sketch cartoon (below) of my FIL as he was digging through a pile of shale on the side of a cliff, showing me how to find fossils.

On the opposite page, I sketched one of the flowers that was on the trail.

We took the trail all the way to the mouth of Manuels River (Manuels Head) and as we sat on the cliff overlooking Conception Bay, I did another sketch (below).

Below: Photo of same scene. My FIL is talking to my husband on the phone, who happened to call us as we were sitting  out there.

Below: A video

Sketches: "Canada Day '09"

I took part of yesterday off to enjoy some of the Canada Day activities that were within walking or cycling distance of where I live. First I had a late breakfast at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club, where I leisurely sketched the aftermath of my meal while drinking hot tea. I also sketched a few of the people and activities around me, like the sailing instructor grilling hot dogs and hamburgers for his students.

The weather hasn’t been all that participatory lately with outdoor activities, but we were fortunate to have a break from the rain for most of the day. But at 6 p.m., just as the village parade was starting, so did the rain. And it got progressively heavier as the parade itself progressed. As the parade ended, it began to pour. People scattered for shelter under building  porches and eaves, hoping to wait out the deluge.  I had an umbrella so walked home, but it poured for a good 45 minutes or so. Later in the evening, the weather calmed down so that the festival in the park could continue and a fireworks display at 10 p.m., which I walked down to the waterfront to see.

Below are some video that I took of the parade. Twice you can hear someone trying to give me a small Canadian flag but I had no free hand to take one as I was balancing my umbrella and the video camera. I particularly like the guy at the end of the second video, hamming it up. His shirt says, “I’m not only perfect, I’m Canadian too!”

Warning: Lengthy, of so-so quality, full of loud sirens, horns…and bagpipers. And fairly boring. : )

Sketches: Sagapool at Stewart Hall

I almost missed this Thursday evening, thinking all the summer park concerts weren’t starting until next week. It would have upset me to have missed Sagapool, a band I happened upon last summer at the Montreal Jazz Festival. They were going by the name “Manouche” then, and true to that name, play a form of music that sounds like gypsy jazz a la Django Reinhardt. It’s like listening to circus/carnival music (fun and energetic), though they did one slow piece that sounded a bit like a carny dirge. And as I try to do, I sketched a little as I listened. I also brought my video recorder and made a little clip of the event, below.