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Jan ’19: “Hello, 2019!”

Illustration Friday: “Tribute”

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Illustration Friday. It’s kind of a challenging prompt “Tribute”. Yesterday I was working outdoors and was thinking, it would be a nice “tribute” to spring to sketch a leaf. We are FINALLY seeing spring in these parts. With a series of 70-plus degree temperatures, spring has been just busting out all over!

When you sketch a leaf or flower, you notice things you wouldn’t when you admire it from afar, and the bulk of leaves on a tree. So I was appreciating how this leaf and the flower near it was constructed, the number of blades, the structure of the veins, the number of petals and pistols. I noticed, too, that I started impatiently to draw it, but quickly settled down to enjoy the process.  And I’m so used to drawing on the computer, once I had the line drawing, I wanted to preserve that and make multiple copies to colorize, always having the original line drawing. Funny how that is. Oh, and what kind of tree is this…? I’m not sure, but the leaf looks like it might be a Maple of some sort.

Maybe this will encourage me to start sketching again. It’s been a long time.


My Greeting Card-o-Rama

I’ve been slowly doing some office inventory, such as going through boxes and making some order out of my mayhem. I had a box of greeting cards I’ve done over the years, just begging for some order. So I made piles on the living room floor to match up cards and envelopes, etc. (Pic below. I erased the floor). I count 46 here but some are missing. I had no idea there were that many. How about that! Most are commissioned and not my concepts, but a few are. I’m grateful to my clients for the opportunity to make cards of different types. Thanks, guys!


August Break: August 20th

Photo taken during an early (for me) morning walk today. I don’t know what those spots are on this photo. There are also some on a few of the others but it’s not consistent. And where they are in the other photos helps support the argument that these are bugs or some sort of flying object and not on the camera (which was my iPhone, if that matters). Anyway, it a leads to this photo and a little goofing around. Ha ha.

Blue Kitty

This is little guy (or gal?) is from something I was messing around with yesterday. I also posted this on the Illustration for Kids blog. If you want to see what some of us have been working on lately, please check it out.

Greeting Cards: Mother’s Day, etc.

Hey, is Mother’s Day coming early this year or is it just me? Who sets up these so-called “holidays” and what day they fall on anyway? (This is my head cold talking so if I sound a tad bit cranky, well…I am. : / )

My own mother is deceased but my MIL is having the family over for a meal Sunday. I volunteered to bring dessert and I’m leaning towards making a rich, chocolate truffle (or torte), or maybe getting a decadent pie from Rockaberry. I’ve not decided yet. I’ve been shunning desserts in general for the last few months in order to lose weight and eat healthier, but every once in a great while, something rich can be a reasonable treat, yes?

And since it is Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, I pulled out some cards that I did for the occasion for a client I work for, RSVP. I thought the latter one was a Mother’s Day card, but my husband pointed out to me that it was a birthday card for someone’s mom. Ah. Very different. But I’ve posted it anyway. I like the card. It has sparkly stuff on a lot of the areas of the front. So, happy Mother’s Day to all the women out there, children or no children! Have a nice weekend!

Samples: “Valentine’s Day Disaster”

It being the week before Valentine’s Day, I have a few illustrations that are in the February 2010 issues of various kids magazines. In the February 2010 issue of Highlights magazine, I did the spots for “Valentine’s Day Disaster”, written by Michelle L. Brown. I used a loose line work a watercolor wash for this job.

copyright Highlights For Children, 2010

Random Roughs: Alien in the House

A recent character study for a project. I don’t do many monsters and aliens, etc. I should work some into my portfolio, I think.

Mole & Mouse

Continuing with the mole study, here’s little mole with his mouse friend. This is a segment from a much larger scene, but it allows mole to be shown in some context besides just a study.  He’s turning into a fun character to draw. Oh. And so is little mouse!

Photos: Random Winter Scenes

Below: I took a walk yesterday on Lac St-Louis. It’s frozen over solid presently. You can see other folks and critters venturing out for a hike as well. This is also a popular area for the winter parasailers.

Below: The Christmas tree in front of Bilboquet (an ice cream shop) in the Pointe Claire Village.  And a photo from an skiing excursion on the golf course across the street.