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Sketches: Breakfast and Boats

Some sketches done yesterday morning while trying to relax at breakfast (it was very noisy), then sitting on the bluff overlooking the docks.

Sketches: Parking It For Lunch

Two quick sketches from a lunch/picnic break in the park on Tuesday. I’m chomping on one of my faves, there: Chinese Chicken Salad. Cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, green onions, chicken, cashews… I can eat a huuuge bowl of it. And I did. Yum.

Below: a sketch of Lake St. Louie. The water and sky were both a pale blue-gray.

So today is “Fete National”–A Quebec holiday. Retail and grocery stores are closed and all the towns and villages are having festivals and parties, and in the late evening, fireworks. Woo hoo.

Sketch: Summer Solstice

The above is a quick sketch I did while walking on the docks at the yacht club yesterday evening. What a lovely day–weather-wise. Hopefully that’s reflected in the above drawing.

Church Sketches: Emmaus & The Contemplative Life

I had planned on sketching during church but the thing turned into sort of a cartoon play-by-play of the service. I missed the first half hour as we were standing and singing, etc. (heavy congregational participation) so it wasn’t really conducive for sketching at that point anyway.

Sketches: A Park by a Yacht Club

My how the weather is changing! May has been on the cool side most of the month, but starting yesterday, it’s warmed up into the 70’s! With sunshine and all the good stuff that makes up a lovely spring day! Mid-afternoon, I took myself and some of my work and we bicycled down to the park nearby that over looks the Pointe Claire Yacht Club. The dandelions are all about and things are finally green. I did a quick warm-up sketch before turning to other tasks, which you see above.

Sketches: St. James Park in Early Spring

I took my itsy bitsy sketchbook with me on a walk yesterday and managed to do a quick sketch or three. These are not all that exciting, I admit. I was cold (I didn’t hide that fact!) and didn’t particularly enjoy my time outside. The trees are still just  budding, as you can see. I’m soooo looking forward to warmer weather!

Church Sketches: The Road to Emmaus at Emmaus

This was my view Sunday morning as Peter Aitkens delivered the sermon. Peter’s an artist/painter and so narrated the story of Jesus appearing (post resurrection) to some of his disciples (Luke 24:13-35) through a series of fabulous drawings he did. They were displayed on the overhead as he walked us through the story. The originals were on the walls in another part of the church.

Church Sketches: Easter 2010

A sketch from this past Easter Sunday morning.

And I thought this might be of interest. A local church (Bay Area Fellowship) got a lot of press this week for their “Mega-Million Give-away”. I don’t know how much money they had tied up in prizes, as I see the numbers reported from 1-4 million. I did a lot of sketching at this church for a while, before they moved across town into their new facility (though I did sketch there their first Easter service). Sorry I can’t remember how to embed a video and don’t have the time at the moment to figure it out, so you can see a video about it here on YouTube. Let me know what you think, please. I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

Church Sketches: Sunday School

Sketches during Sunday school at Christ Point Church in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Random thoughts:

– Airport security going through customs is a bit of a bear now, but I thought they did a good job of moving things along despite the extra scanning and long lines.

– My eyes burn. They’ve always burned when in South Texas. I’m allergic to this place.

– I saw a local production of Nunsense this weekend. Enjoyable and well done by the new Aurora Arts Theatre.

–  It can be 65 degrees but feel cold if it’s windy and humid.

Church Sketches: Emmaus from the Back

Just some sketches from yesterday’s church service. I struggled this Sunday with feeling comfortable sketching with people around; feeling conspicuous. I did these while sitting in the far back. One positive thing is that I noticed that the sketching was getting to be more habitual…or automated. Not sure what word to use for this, but what I’m saying is that, while I was listening to the sermon, it suddenly came to my mind, “Oh, yeah…I’m sketching right now.” Like driving a car. You don’t conscientiously think of how to drive the car, you just do it. Nice place to come to.

Samples: “Happy Hugs”

Hey all. Another illustration for a kids’ magazine. This time it’s for Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr., the February 2010 issue. I blogged a little about this in early December when I was working on it. These big and busy scenes are time-consuming but awfully fun to do! In the case below, the reader has two puzzles to solve: count and circle all the hugs they see in red, and find all the “silly things” and circle them in blue. My challenge with this project was to not make seniors come across as senile while doing said silly things. So for the most part, I had the kiddos or other things being silly.

If you want to see an enlarged version, just click on the image below. Oh, and let me know how many hugs and “silly things” YOU find, eh?

Copyright Focus on the Family/Clubhouse Jr. magazine 2010.

Church Sketches: Emmaus on a Cold Sunday

But is there anything else in early February in Montreal? It’s a big church to warm up. There are large vents on each side of the sanctuary that put out heat. People will congregate there to warm themselves before sitting down. I spent a good part of the service in front of one myself.

But when I wasn’t in front of a heating vent, I was sitting behind Tall Ted. Someone in front of you can take up a lot of the view. In this case, the rector is minuscule in comparison. As for the rabbits, I sometimes switch to them if we’re at prayer time. At least that morning I did. It felt too intimate a moment to watch and sketch. Bunnies substitute in for people, etc.

Sketches: Window View

I looked up and thought I noticed a faint pink in the blue sky; so faint, I had to squint and rub my eyes and…Oh. No, that’s because I’m tired.

I’ve thought time after time about sketching the winter scene from my window so this time, instead of just thinking about it, I pulled up a “canvas” in Painter and had at it. Very wintery, yes. But it was a lovely day, really; above freezing and lightly snowing off and on. Winter, winter, wonder-land. I’m tired…

Church Sketches: Emmaus Again

But this time from a local where I could get a more expansive view of the interior. With such height to the ceilings, it makes it hard to heat the building. Frigid temps outside made it cold inside, hence people still wearing their parkas, etc.

Below: Sketch before adding color. I started with a blue pen but it started to skip on me so switched to a black one. I rather like how that looks.

Below: Colorized sketch (with Painter 11)

Illustration Friday: “Renewal”

Given I need to renew my passport, this is the kind of “renewal” that’s been on my mind.