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New Stuff: Owl Magazine and the Humpback Whale!

I worked on a new set of spot illustrations for an article entitled, “Are Humpbacks Heroes?” for the June ’17 issue an Owl magazine (Available now in stores, news stands, libraries, etc.)! These spots are added here and there to enhance photos and texts about studies that have shown that Humpback Whales seem to help out other animals when Orca/Killer whales are attacking them. Very interesting and a pleasure to draw a “hero” whale (Hence, the cape and “H”)! Images are posted below.

I love working for the folks at Owl magazine! They help show kids things about a variety of subjects, particularly those related to Canada. It’s a great magazine!

(c) Owl magazine/Owlkids

New Stuff: Owl Magazine and the Cricket!

Owl Magazine has been doing some articles on various insects. These articles are both educational and humorous! I have learned so much myself about the unusual lives of some fascinating creatures! I am blessed to be a part of contributing to the visual aspect of these articles. Last time it was a spider, this time–a cricket! The Armored Ground Cricket, to be exact. The art director does an amazing job on the layout, and knows how to frame out the small & detailed spots I drew so it melds well! If you get a chance to read the article, you will be amazed at this little bug. Check out the May 2017 issue of Owl magazine for the complete article! More images, below.


So cool how the cricket is added to the logo on the cover!


This cricket has some unusual defensive moves to ward off predators, like making a loud, obnoxious noise…

…or throwing up. Then smears it on itself. Gross, eh? Blah!

Marching in their “armor”.

(c) OwlKids

Highlights HighFive Magazine Award Platter 2017!

What a great company Highlights is! They really love their illustrators and bless them with accolades and thanks! I noticed other illustrators who illustrate for Highlights were also the beneficiary of pewter plates this week, too! So I am sharing mine, along with the illustration it is denoting. It’s hard to read the inscription, but it says,

Highlights HighFive

Mini-Book Illustration of the Year

Paula J. Becker

“Busy Bunnies”

June 2016

I worked on the illustrations for this about 1 1/2 years ago (the magazine works several months ahead of publication). It was a really fun project, to depict each of the bunnies with their own personal interests and activities. So thank you, Highlights & HighFive! I appreciate the gift!

New Stuff: HighFive Magazine Hidden Picture

Something new, in the May 2017 issue of HighFive magazine! It’s always a pleasure to do these for Highlights!

Easter ’17–Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies!

Fresh Off the Drawing Board: Dinos, Etc.

I just completed two projects with different styles. Both were very different to execute, however equally fun! Below are some closeups and cropped samples. More later when they’re in print!

New Stuff: Highlights Magazine Spots

Some spots I created for Highlights magazine’s March 2017 issue.

(c) Highlights for Children

On the Drawing Board: Bunnies & Bunnies

An experimentation with some ways to depict these bunnies keeping warm in their little home…

New Stuff: Owl Magazine & the Spider!

The March 2017 issue of Owl Magazine has a fascinating article by John Crossingham on the Peacock Spider. One fun thing about working on projects is what I end up learning! I had never heard of such a creature, and to read the story of this fascinating little spider was a bonus. I’m sharing the cover & spread, below, along with cropped versions of the spots in the layout. Take some time to read about this little creature! It’ll amaze you!


(c) Owlkids

On The Drawing Board: Kids Reading, Kids Playing

These are some glimpses of a new project that’s nearing the finish line. Very fun to work on, too!

On The Drawing Board: Bees, Bugs, Teacher, Students!

Some things I’ve been working on this month…


Happy New Year, 2017!

Just a little illustration to kick off the new year…


I was mucking around with this and tried several styles and backgrounds. Below is an earlier version. This kind of playing around can go on forever, as you know. You learn to say, “It’s/I’m done now” at some point.

That goes for a lot of things in life, eh? : )

Have a happy and productive 2017, all!


Christmas ’16 Mishmash 2

More “Christmas past”.


Christmas ’16 Mishmash 1

A throwback of older Christmas-related images, just for reflection.


Christmas ’16 Sketches: Hockey Fan Mouse

Canadiens fans come in all shapes and sizes.