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March 18: “Winter Fact or Fiction” (Owl Magazine)

Below is a really fun maze I did for Owl magazine, winter issue, illustrated in a more of painterly style than using more line.

Closeups, below:

(c) Owlkids

Feb18–Valentine’s on the Slopes!

A fun illustration I created for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

Some close-ups:

Jan18–Practice3: Pirate Kids, Snow Bunnies, & Goodnight, Kitty!

Some more random samples of practice sketches. It’s always a pleasure to just draw.

Jan18–Practice2: Mad Dogs, Sheep, Sweaters, & Astronauts!

More January practice drawings.


Jan18–Practice1: Kittens, Mittens, Sad Clouds, & Wends

I’m going to try something new for 2018–and hopefully beyond. I want to draw everyday….something.  This is to work on my skills, work out an idea, sketch a scene…Just something! With that said, the above is a conglomerate of dailies I have already done this January. Each has a reason (or multiple reasons) for being created. Anyway, may the creativity begin!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Season’s Greetings! ’17

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

Christmas ’17 Time Is Here!

It’s closing in an the Christmas/holiday time, and I thought I’d post this grouping of Christmas illustrations. Each illustration was created for various projects, most self-promotional. Anyway, I thought it festive and appropriate for the season! Happy Holiday!

New Stuff: Click Magazine “Let’s Party!” Spread!

Something new! A magazine spread for Click magazine’s “Happy Birthday” issue! So fun to work on (I LOVE to do a busy, crowded scene!) and it turned out real nice in print. There’s a second spread with pull-outs from the first one, so I had to take care that where these were on the spread would also fit in the designated areas on spread 2. Thanks again, Click magazine!

Close-ups, below:

(c) CLICK magazine

Fall 2017–Mother, Daughter and Leaves

Here’s something I did for a fall 2017 promotional for Tugeau2. The prompt was “toddler” and “fall”. I experimented with this a lot, from the eyes on the people to now to do the leaves on the ground. In the end, I tried some collage. The sky is from a photo of a sunset I took (not apparent at all, I know), and the leaves are from a photo I took as well. I thought it added interest to the illustration in a way drawing the leaves couldn’t.

And a cropped version….

New Stuff: Halloween Maze Illustration!

This fun maze I illustrated is in the October 2017 issue of OWL magazine. Wow, was this fun (and intricate!) to create! When I do mazes, I also have to work out the routes, then I can build the rest on top of that. I love how this came out, if I may say so myself! I was surprised how nice all the details printed. A big thanks to all on the art directing and editing I got from OWL! They do a great job of making sure things look as good as they can! So try the maze and see how you do!

(c) OWLkids

Halloween 17 Promo Illustration

It’s Halloween time again! It’s always fun to draw images about ghosts, vampires, witches–especially if they are made cute and for kids!

This image was for a Halloween promo for my rep, Tugeau2. The prompt was to illustrate a “Halloween Parade”. Above is the final illustration, and below are some closeups. I also included some early stages of working on this, including the first sketch (digital and in color), along with some comps and color variations. As I worked on this, I inserted some off-hand, random copy of a story line, just to consider how that could fit on the page. Overall, it was a lot of fun to work on and develop. I would still make some changes, I think. I would go back and re-develop what’s happening in the window of the big house, among other things. It wasn’t thought through entirely as I worked on the piece, and in the end, I had about ten ideas! And as much as I like the shading on the figures, I am inclined to rework that so it doesn’t feel so polished. That is a hard line to not cross sometimes, and hard to discern if you’ve been hovering over a piece for hours!

New Stuff: “Here’s The Reason God Made Me” Illustrated Board Book

Hey all! Here’s a recently published item–a board book for Group Publishing, entitled, “Here’s The Reason God Made Me”! Written by Mikal Keefer, the story features a bee named Abbee and his parents. It’s short and sweet, and I wanted to add sweet illustrations, too, to add to the story line. Below are some samples. You can find the book here.

(c) Group Publishing, Inc.

Flint Hills Discover Center Exhibit–Rags the Dog Illustrations

This is a really fun project I worked on this summer, that was special in several ways. First, it was for a museum display; second, it was a character development project; and, third, it was going to be large! From the photos taken by my client, Roy Garrett, the Sr. Exhibits and Operations Manager for the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, Kansas, it turned out well!

The image of Rags the Dog (According to wikipedia, “…a mixed breed terrier who became the U.S. 1st Infantry Division’s dog-mascot in WWI.”), was commissioned for the children’s area of the temporary exhibit, “Duty First: 100 Years of the Big Red One”. The children can participate in the “Rags Confidence Course”, part of the Camp Funston display, where “Rags” (via my illustrations turned into poster-size stands) encourages the kids as they go through an obstacle course. I also drew the Camp Funston gate part of the display.

I heard the over-all exhibit was well received, and that the little kids loved doing the course! It’s always a pleasure to see (and hear!) how a project turns out in the end!

(Photo credits: Roy Garrett)

My sketches and some final art, below:

I gave the client several character options, displayed below:

New Stuff: HighFive Magazine Illustration–“Which Shoes To Choose?”

Here’s something fun I illustrated for the September 2017 Issue of HighFive magazine, out now in stores! I had a great time illustrating this story by Elizabeth Glann. A little girl needs new shoes, but after trying so many on, she got a new pair–just like her old pair! Cute story and I had a most enjoyable time working on this. It’s always nice to see how it turned out in the magazine. I also like seeing many illustrator friends, whose work is also in the magazine! Thank you, Kelly Lanuto, for using me for this piece! You do a wonderful job, each and every issue! More images, below.

(c) Highlights/HighFive magazine

New Stuff: OwlKids Contributor’s Page Bio

Hi yall! Just posting this which is on the Owl Connected e-magazine. As an illustrator who has been blessed to contribute illustrations to various OwlKids magazines, I was asked to send some photos and to say what some of my favorite comics were as a kid. I had too many to mention, but you can see the answers, below. I also had a sample of a cartoon that I did when I was a kid (below). I always wanted to be a cartoonist! It was a nice reminder of how that has all panned out. I am grateful. : )