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Christmas ’13: Kitty with Ribbon

Christmas doodle #4 for the  #HoHoDooDa challenge! Here’s the kitty-version of  the Pup Making a Mess (with ribbons). I have several versions of this, but this is my favorite:

cat w ribbon 2b_72


Christmas ’13: Deer with Lights

#2 for the xmas doodle-a-day (HoHoDooDa)! This is a little more than a “doodle”, however…


Christmas ’13: Happy Pup!

Here’s a character I’ve been fooling around with. Wishing I had a real pup like him to be a studio mate!

dog-ilovexmas 1_72

I’m going to try and participate in #HoHoDooDa (Christmas Doodle-a-Day) put on by some other illustrator friends out there on the yonder-net… : )


pigeon on mod background_72

Something from a project over the weekend.


I don’t have anything to say today, really. I woke up a little late and feel behind with much work to do (Never enough time, ya know..?) I have been posting everyday, though, so I found this in the coffers of some area of the computer–a picture book page I worked on a few months ago. There’s no story it’s a part of. My motive was to create something so I could play with some not-my-usual color palettes, as well as experiment with line work and line color. I like it’s simplicity. I’m a little concerned, however, that there’s no bathmat for Elly to step out on. Bathroom cleanup is going to be a mess. And I’m the one who’s going to have to do it, of course. : )

Warm Up: Something for Valentine’s Day

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. In elementary school it was exciting, because I could put my creative energy into decorating a shoebox with fellow classmates to house our valentines to each other. Pink and white cupcakes with some sort of red punch was the treat for our end-of-day party, when we would all open our boxes and see who gave us what cards. But by middle and high school, it was a downer of a day…if you didn’t have a boyfriend — or crush — who would send you that carnation.  These days it translates to $, as I create greeting cards for occasions like this. Neither my husband or I are the sentimental type. We are not eating chocolates or sweets these days, and I could not care less about diamonds and jewelry. Flowers I like but I’m okay with getting those myself when I want.  I am, however, content to watch others scramble to show some sort of affection to the special folks in their lives! The sitcoms this week had Valentine’s Day themes which I enjoyed.  And it’s a good excuse to do a little drawing of a pig and crocodile getting into the spirit of the day.

So may you have a happy Valentine’s Day–or fantastic Sunday. Whichever is your preference!

Random Roughs: Sleepy Bears

Picked out a random rough of something I’ve been working on. This is actually a throw-away rough for a spread from an early/emergent reader. The story was changed and the bears’ day starts at 5 a.m. now so this spread is kaput. But I rather liked it so wanted to give it some reason for being.

Random Roughs: Mole Study

Something I’ve been working on…

Random Roughs: More Bats

I’m struggling to make a “cute” bat. Maybe there’s no such thing, eh?

Random Roughs: Bats!

Here’s something I’m working on today:  some roughs of a bat character I’m doing for a small-ish job. I thought it would be a cinch to draw this guy, but without the normal arms/hands, I find myself missing an integral componant to giving him expression (I use those a lot!), not to mention point to things. He’s also got to be wearing clothes. Hmmmm… I have to push this character a bit as far as colors go so he pops out against a photo (so black won’t really work). That means a heavy black line, so I’m not sure how detailed or loose I’m going to go with this, but I like where it’s going so far.


And….after a lot of cleaning, polishing, reworking, plugging, painting, etc., our boat is FINALLY in the water….as of yesterday. I will try posting some photos later.

Random Roughs: Gimme An "S"!

So…Been busy lately and so I thought I’d share a “random rough” from the several projects I’m presently working on. Below is a rough cover illustration for a kids graphic novel. My challenge for the over-all project is to keep things loose and free, a lot like the roughs. Hahahahahahahahaha..!

I say, get out of the rain, little girl. Lightening DOES strike so don’t assume it won’t.

Random Rough: Squirrel With Sled

Despite our present sub-zero temps, I still see squirrels outside my office window running along the electrical lines, or on the ground foraging for food.  But none are wearing sweaters and toques pulling a sled.  Too busy trying to stay alive and warm to recreate, I think.

This is just a little portion of a page from a book I’m working on.  Seems appropriate, given it has a snow theme and, well, there’s plenty of that outside right now.  Brrrr!

Random Roughs: Dancing

The above are some sketches for a new project I’m working on.

I’m happily swamped again.  Happy to have work; happy to be productive and busy; happy to be doing lots of drawing (though my right hand/wrist might take issue with that).  Not so happy that I don’t have much free-time.  I have litle time to do the things ya gotta do for the holidays.  And I’m still not sure if and what I should purchase/make for family and friends.  Are any of you in the same boat?  All the social expectations are an odd thing anyway.  But it takes a certain amount of energy to buck the system and I don’t think I’ve got that right now.  Either way is stressful.

My family members in Texas agreed that we’d do mail order food items for Christmas.  We figured it’d be fun to sample some foods from places we’ve never tried.  I found a restaurant in Camden, Maine that purports to make “the best of the best” local clam chowder, so I ordered a case for my dad.  I’m also going to order some wickedly good brownies out of Austin, Texas.  That should keep the folks down south fat and happy for a good while.  But for everyone here, I don’t know.  A slow panic will set in soon as the C-Day approaches and I’ll have done nothing.  Maybe liquor for everyone, or some bread and pastry samples from the village bakery.  Maybe a drawing of some sort.  …Help!  Any and all ideas are appreciated.

Random Roughs: Arm Wrestling

Some roughs from a project I’m working on presently.

Random Roughs: Exercise Girls

Sketches from a project I’m presently working on.

As I was typing the blog post title up there, I couldn’t remember how to spell “exercise”.  Maybe you’re like me in that there are a few words that you always stumble over spelling.  And for me, it doesn’t matter how many times I try to remember how to spell it, I never can remember the correct way when the time comes.  “Exercise” is one of those.  I want to put a “c” after the “x”, to spell it “excercise”.  See?  That looks right to me.  But, of course, the spellchecker tells me no, it’s indeed wrong. Other words I spell wrong consistently?  “potato” (Me and Dan Quail went to the same school; I prefer “potatoe”), “weird” is another (one of those “i before e” issues).  I can’t recall the others at the moment, but I finds it odd that after so many years, I struggle each time on these words.  Funny how that is.