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Illustration Friday: “Popular”

Second Day Before Christmas…

… I reworked the skating deer. It’s fun reworking old work!

The original:


Illustration Friday: “Vanity”

Someone’s getting glammed up for Thursday…

For this week’s Illustration Friday prompt– “Vanity”.

Happy Thanksgiving, U.S. of A. folks!

Illustration Friday: “Silent”


I’m working on some greeting card ideas and this was one of them. The card depicted above, I mean. I am experimenting with type and Painter’s digital watercolors, which I use a lot.

Illustration Friday: “Hibernate”

Another “it’s been a while”…

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Illustration Friday: “Safari”

My idea of things seen at a safari:

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Illustration Friday: “Beginner”

A real quickie for Illustration Friday.

Illustration Friday: “Cultivate”

This week’s Illustration Friday prompt is the word “cultivate”. So…Clumsy the Bunny is trying to cultivate a taste in abstract art. However, it’s sometimes difficult to change how one sees things. Can’t say I blame him. It IS almost time for dinner!

Illustration Friday: “Warning”

Fun with Bible interpretation along with cartoon style, etc.

Illustration Friday: “Swarm”

Illustration Friday: “Surrender”

I’ve been teaching myself old hymns on the guitar lately, so this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the Illustration Friday prompt “surrender”. And this is actually the second verse as it fit the over-all concept.

I found it of interest, when I looked up the author of the hymn (Judson Van DeVenter, 1855-1939), that he was an artist/art teacher, desiring to be a recognized for his artistic talents. But he also seemed to have a gifting as an evangelist. After wrestling with which to be for five years, he finally surrendered to the ministry. And out of that surrendering, the lyrics to this song was birthed.

I wonder what his art work looked like and if he continued to do it on the side or as a hobby. And I wonder why he couldn’t do both. I guess we’ll never know the full story.

Illustration Friday: “Chicken” 4

Uhm…Last one. I promise!

I had more but no time to work them up. Others are here, here and here. Enjoy the rest on the IF site! I think a lot of folks had fun with this one!

Illustration Friday: “Chicken” 3

Just one last “chicken” before the window of opportunity disappears….

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Illustration Friday: “Chicken” 2

More ideas from chicken recipes to add to the previous posting for IF’s “Chicken”.

Illustration Friday: “Chicken”

The prompt this week for Illustration Friday is “Chicken”, as suggested by Jannie Ho, a fellow IFKer! As for me, I thought I’d try a little word-play. I have more to draw up and will, if I have time during the week.  And be sure and check out the other entries by clicking on the link for IF, above. Lots of creative and fun solutions there!