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Illustration Friday: “Hurry!”

Something quick for Illustration Friday’s prompt “Hurry!”

When I’m out taking walks in the spring, it upsets me to accidentally step on snails and slugs that are ever so slooowly crossing the sidewalks or path. So if I can, I will stop and help them along. I wonder if they appreciate that…?

Illustration Friday: “Faded”

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This week’s Illustration Friday prompt is “Faded”. And I took the opportunity here to play around with my style and some lettering. It’s hard for me to not want to bump the colors up or mess with the saturation of this piece!

Illustration Friday: “Sight” (2)

Another good prompt for warm-up drawings. Have a good Monday, everyone. : )


Illustration Friday: “Sight”

One of several ideas that popped in my head for this weeks Illustration Friday prompt, “Sight”.  Check out the site (Ha ha!) and see the many other illustrations!


Illustration Friday: “Kernel”


Something for Illustration Friday and the word prompt “kernel”.

Each drawing is a learning experience, in this case, how to personify a wheat kernel…a PENSIVE wheat kernel, at that. And then how I might, in general, go about illustrating this little mention of wheat in one of Jesus’ parables. Should I put legs on the kernel..? Should I show a whole wheat field verses one stalk..? The simpler the better, I think.

Since I was looking at  images of wheat kernels via Google, I also saw a number of photos of foods using whole wheat or the grain of a particular wheat.  I love bread–and all kinds of baked goods. And seeing photos of  these and these Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies made my moment. Yum.

Illustration Friday: “Jump” #3

Using Illustration Friday this week for my warm-up drawings. This is #3.

Illustration Friday: “Jump” 2

This week’s Illustration Friday’s prompt “Jump” lends itself to lots of ideas, so I might just use it as a warm-up for the week.

Below is an illustration where I played around with type and a painterly style.

Illustration Friday: “Jump”

There’s a lot of leaping and jumping around here! Just a little drawing for Illustration Friday’s prompt “Jump”.


Illustration Friday: “Heights”

This week, the Illustration Friday word prompt is “Heights”. I was doing some illustrations of frogs a few weeks ago and I guess still have residual “frog” on the brain. Nothing clever here; just frogs leaping. Check out the height of that leap!

And be sure and check out the other Illustration Friday submissions. It’s great to see such creativity abound!

Illustration Friday: “Return”

An Illustration Friday submission for the word “return”.  Duck is all nice and tanned from his stay in the sunny south!

Illustration Friday: “Swamp”

An excuse to draw an alligator…who tends to live in a swamp. This one’s having a hard time getting a phone signal. You know how swamps can be.

Illustration Friday: “Shades”

Playing around with my style and lettering for Illustration Friday.

Illustration Friday: “Intention”

Yellow Bunny is wondering what Pink Bunny’s intentions are. Good?  not good?

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Illustration Friday: Capable 2 & 3

I’m struggling today to get on task concerning certain stuff and I decided a creative diversion to mentally/emotionally refuel was in order. So I took the IF prompt to task and created 2 more. The Easter Bunny thing is the focal point again, but in a different style.

And then back in the cartoon style:


Illustration Friday: “Capable”

My quickie of a contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday prompt: “capable”. Be sure and check out the other fabulous entries at Illustration Friday!