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Illustration Friday: “Mirror”

This weeks IF word prompt is “Mirror”. This is kind of an obvious solution, but I had an enjoyable time with it.

Illustration Friday: “Book”

An Illustration Friday posting as well as a warm up drawing.

Here’s a version with a little more story line:

Illustration Friday: “Crooked”

Messing around…

Illustration Friday: “Identical”

I dunno. I did this last week but never finished/posted it. These peas are identical LOOKING, but not so identical when it comes to personalities.

Illustration Friday: “Tall”


Illustration Friday: “Teacher”

We all had a favorite teacher, yes? They did really neat, cool things that we remember well after our school days. My most “cool” teacher was when I was in third grade. He taught us to knit, make bread, sprechen Deutsch (as well as sing Bach Fugues in German!), tumble, and make lye soap. And that’s also the first time I did a comic strip–and fell in love with cartooning. His name wasn’t Mr. McCool, but it may as well have been.

Having taught classroom myself for a number of years, I know how hard the job is. So godspeed to all you teachers out there, prepping for the new year!

Illustration Friday: “Freeze”

This is a cartoon for this week’s Illustration Friday. I tried to do it quickly, but that’s not how it works. Things like this always take longer than you think they will. : )

Illustration Friday: “Lonely”

During a walk by the water yesterday, I stopped to watch the various birds search for their evening grub. A tall, slim heron, was idling along in the shallow waters on his own, while nearby were ducks and gulls in pairs or groups. And the ducks and gulls were often intermingled with each other. So I imagined what the plight of this heron would be if he were to join in.  He would certainly have some struggles to interact, as he towered at least a foot above the other birds. And so I figured it might be a lonely experience, to be in the midst of a group where you towered over everyone else.

Illustration Friday: “Carry”

Not a lot of time this week to do extra art stuff, but I wanted to use Illustration Friday’s prompt for a warm-up drawing today. And I chose to do a painterly kind of style so I could play with shapes, textures, reality, etc. And I know possums carry their young-uns on their backs, but let’s just say this possum momma wanted to give them all a big hug before they climbed aboard!

Illustration Friday: “LOST”

I had to do something on LOST for this Illustration Friday. It goes along with this posting I did back in 2010, before LOST was over. Whether you loved or hated the ending, it was still quite a show.

Illustration Friday: “Suspend”

I’m working on a couple of dog-themed illustrations lately and thought I’d carry it on over to Illustration Friday. This week’s topic is “suspend”. I liked the idea of doggy acrobats.

Illustration Friday: “Refresh”

“Refresh” is the word prompt for Illustration Friday this week. I drew a quick one. It’s a good time of year to watch birds doing a little sun bathing, yes? Playing/sitting/standing in/sitting next to/etc. water is always refreshing to me.


Illustration Friday got a face lift this week! (It looks great, Penelope!) Check it out–along with all the other creative entries. And don’t forget to enter an illustration yourself. It’s fun!


Illustration Friday: “Space”

Sometimes we just need a little space to ourselves. : )

The original version of this was not cropped. What do you think? Do you like this better..? Just curious. I couldn’t make up my mind.

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Illustration Friday: “Secret”

For Illustration Friday: A SECRET crush.

Illustration Friday: “Shiny”

Remember diving in a pool for coins? I miss these types of games. But I always got water up my nose and made my sinuses burn. Good memories. : )

Oh…And the fence is an after-thought. I was thinking how an art director would probably say, “Great illo, but we need to see a fence around the pool.” Safety first. 🙂