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Christmas 2015

mousey xmas card sample 1 small

Illustration Friday: “Tribute”

It’s been a while since I’ve participated in Illustration Friday. It’s kind of a challenging prompt “Tribute”. Yesterday I was working outdoors and was thinking, it would be a nice “tribute” to spring to sketch a leaf. We are FINALLY seeing spring in these parts. With a series of 70-plus degree temperatures, spring has been just busting out all over!

When you sketch a leaf or flower, you notice things you wouldn’t when you admire it from afar, and the bulk of leaves on a tree. So I was appreciating how this leaf and the flower near it was constructed, the number of blades, the structure of the veins, the number of petals and pistols. I noticed, too, that I started impatiently to draw it, but quickly settled down to enjoy the process.  And I’m so used to drawing on the computer, once I had the line drawing, I wanted to preserve that and make multiple copies to colorize, always having the original line drawing. Funny how that is. Oh, and what kind of tree is this…? I’m not sure, but the leaf looks like it might be a Maple of some sort.

Maybe this will encourage me to start sketching again. It’s been a long time.


Illustration Friday: “Eye Glasses”

A quicky warm-up for Illustration Friday. What a fun topic!  So many ways to go with this.  And I’m keeping the Easter theme going.

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Illustration Friday: “Talent”

Finally!  A little something for Illustration Friday:


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Illustration Friday: “Glow”

My contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, “Glow”. The coloring is messy and ugly, but the idea was fun to try and pull off quickly.


Merry Christmas!


This is the final iteration of a piece I did for Illustration Friday a few weeks back, using the word-prompt “tree”. It went from a boy and dog in a tree, kids in a tree, SNOWmen in a tree, and now back to the first idea. And when I thought THAT was done, I added the boxes, bulbs, and ribbons. I think it’s finished. I have not had the urge to fix or change anything. A good sign! And now I’m using it for one of my Christmas cards this year. Merry Christmas!

Illustration Friday: “Snow”

A very apt Illustration Friday prompt for this week, as the snow begins to fall. Below if my contribution. Check out the others by clicking on the link above!

Illustration Friday: “Explore”

Warm Up: Badminton, Anyone…?

An  illustration for Illustration Friday’s word prompt, “Stretch”. These guys are playing some sort snowman’s version of Badminton, me thinks.

Illustration Friday: “Whiskers”

I worked up several different ideas for this Illustration Friday prompt, but finally just decided to do a quick character study-sketch of a cute rat. I like playing with the sloppy digital brushes, too.


Illustration Friday: “Zoom”

For Illustration Friday…Two spot illustrations, here. I wanted to just play around with the line, colorizing, lettering and layout. Not sure what stories these might tell, if any.


Illustration Friday: “Tree”

My contribution to Illustration Friday. The word-prompt this week is “Tree”.

Illustration Friday: “Shy”

Illustration Friday: “Haunt” & Free Halloween Greeting Card

Hi all…Love can be a haunting experience sometimes, eh?

I’m making my Illustration Friday posting for this week into a free Halloween greeting card. I guess this also has a “romantic” theme to it, as it’s entitled “Monster Love”. I’m sure, though, that it will work across the board for a broad-range of Halloween occasion you might have.

Just click on the image below for a pdf version to download and print out. Enjoy!


Illustration Friday: “Water”

Illustration Friday’s are a good opportunity to experiment with style as well as mediums.

Above: Jesus walks on water. Though I don’t think the passages denote it to be a nice, balmy day, as is depicted here. He looks more at play!