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Illustration Friday: “Cultivate”

This week’s Illustration Friday prompt is the word “cultivate”. So…Clumsy the Bunny is trying to cultivate a taste in abstract art. However, it’s sometimes difficult to change how one sees things. Can’t say I blame him. It IS almost time for dinner!

Illustration Friday: “Afterwards”

This is loosely based on a personal experience of mine.

In my home town many years ago, the down town area had a Hershey Hotel. During the Christmas season, they would host a chocolate buffet (Hershey…Chocolate…Buffet? Naturally!). So at something like the low price of $8 a person, you could eat to your heart’s (or stomach’s) content. Chocolate lover that I was (and am!), I HAD to go, and talked a friend into going with me. So once we finished, we were walking back to the car, and truly, I started to double over from cramps. My friend? He was just fine. Guess he didn’t pig out like I did–or he had a stomach of steel, one or the other. I was laughing at my predicament and cramping all the way to the car, just barely making it as I recall. I couldn’t drive us home (I reclined the passenger seat and lay in a fetal position, moaning). Once home, I recouped on the couch for another hour, until the pain subsided. Wow. I don’t think I have ever shoveled that much sugar into myself since then. A lesson learned!

Now Clumsy and Nutsy get to go through the same experience as I! I hope they learn as well, but I kind of doubt it. 🙂

Illustration Friday: “Spent”

Actually, this is generally how it goes for me, trying to come up with things for Illustration Friday! Bah!

Illustration Friday: “Old-Fashioned”

I got tired of poor Clumsy staring at the leaves changing in the previous post. I’m sure you did too, so here’s a Clumsy the Bunny cartoon as a solution to this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, “Old-Fashioned” (as if you didn’t know that by now!).

Anybody ever had an Old-Fashioned, by the way? Back in my discotheque-going days (yes, I’m that old), I did Whiskey Sours pretty much, so I don’t have any idea how this drink tastes. I’m guessing it’s sweet, though. Do you have a favorite mixed drink? I’m not sure I should be asking all this on a blog that’s geared towards kid’s illustration primarily, though that’s not all I do. Of course, don’t try this at home, kids. Bar hopping with a rabbit (Ooh! A pun!) can maybe mess you up…And make you kinda weird.

Illustration Friday: “Immovable”

Another “Clumsy the Bunny” cartoon/comic. Previous ones are herehere and here.

Illustration Friday: “Caged”

Illustration Friday: “Diary”

Something quick. And a revisit of my favorite little bunny, Clumsy. He’s changed a bit over three cartoons.

Illustration Friday: “Satellite”

Who knew! There’s a phobia for EVERY kind of fear! Is there a fear of phobias..?

Illustration Friday: “Early”

Some dig early morning exercise…and some don’t.

Illustration Friday: “Detective”

Something kinda quick. A revisit of  “Clumsy the Bunny”, who’s a little more refined (style-wise) in this one.

Illustration Friday: “Clumsy”

Clumsy style, clumsy story line, clumsy punchline.  Even a character named “Clumsy”.  Just all-around clumsy!