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pigeon on mod background_72

Something from a project over the weekend.

Happy Independence Day ’13!

4th of july 13_72

Hey Ho, Canada!


Owlkids/Chirp Spread: Cambodia Boat Festival

I have a illustration spread published in this month’s issue of Chirp magazine (June ’13). It was a very fun piece to do (as all these busy, festival pieces are)!  Challenges with this project was working out the rough on my laptop and Wacom tablet (verses my desktop and Cintiq), and deciding from what angle to best depict the boats, festival goers and fireworks.  Below is the cover and spread, from afar:


The first page:


And bits and pieces at random:



Highlights Magazine: “Grandma’s Pickles”

I found this illustration I did up on the Highlights For Children‘s website the other day, and realized I’d forgotten about it:


(Copyright Highlights For Children)

It’s the illustration for a poem by Marileta Robinson. Can’t say I’ve ever had hot pickles! Have you? The little girl certainly is enjoying it, but not without some tears–albeit happy ones!

On The Drawing Board: Animals in Black & White

Happy May, everybody! I’m working this week on some black and white images for a client’s curriculum (below). Fun stuff!


Spot Illustration Fun

Thankfully, spring looks like it’s making it’s appearance. I see buds on trees, I spotted some bulbs sprouting, temps are on the rise…and most of the snow is melting away. I soon may be able to put the parka away for good!

Below are some segments of illustrations I did this year for a poster about reading books. You can read a book anywhere, dontcha know!


(copyright Highlights For Children)

Easter 6

Something different–and quick: Illustration mixed with photos.


Easter 4 & Some Musings

And so I shall round out the week with  more rabbits. Or bunnies. Either/or.  And a rabbit/bunny pattern, to be exact.

Making patterns is enjoyable, I find, though that is an exercise I pretty much do on my own time, for my own projects. It’s a completely different approach to creating something visual. Whereas I’m usually doing something that creates or enhances a story, to just simply take an image–and related images–and play with juxtaposition, alignment, color, texture, etc., has a very liberating quality to it. No need to weave a narrative. I am free to just enjoy the design.


Illustration Friday: “Eye Glasses”

A quicky warm-up for Illustration Friday. What a fun topic!  So many ways to go with this.  And I’m keeping the Easter theme going.

Check out all the other submissions at Illustration Friday.


Easter 3

I love this pink bunny.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patick’s Day Card

I forgot…St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, March 17th. It has me wanting to have something Irish for lunch. But I will settle for an avocado. That’s green, too!

Below is a St. Patrick’s Day greeting card I was commissioned to do a few years ago. I’ve never had green beer myself, but it looks pretty enough!


Easter 2

What is Easter without more bunnies?! This is from an Easter card I did last year. …And I just noticed he’s missing whiskers!


Easter 1

I love playing with the icons and images that surround holidays, and Easter is no exception. Being a cartoonist and humorous illustrator, images of bunnies, egg, chicks, baskets, etc. are my favorites to draw from this holiday. So I think I will be decorating my blog frequently with past and present images I am working on or are related to Easter. And I may throw spring into that mix. We shall see!

I begin with a bunny. This one is rather traditional in style and has a pattern and icons that compliment. Fun!