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“Mom’s Favorite Gift” Puzzle Illustration

This magazine sample came the other day, of the fun Mother’s Day puzzle illustration I worked on for a back-page of Clubhouse Jr. I had a lot of fun with this. I worked in a bit of a tighter style using a very thin line. I’m really pleased with how the final printed piece turned out. And the raccoons still make me smile! Below are some photos of the final art.


Closeups, below:


April ’14–Fresh Off The Drawing Board

I’ve been working on a lot of large, busy pieces lately, and here’s one of the latest. I think it’s pretty easy to figure out what the scene is by the snippets, yes…? : )


Hidden Picture Illustrations

Below are some glimpses of hidden picture illustrations either published or fresh off the drawing board. These are a challenge but really fun to do!

april8 work 1

(c) Highlights For Children

Highlights’ HighFive March ’14 Cover Illustration

Well, here we are at the tail-end of February, with March (along with spring!) coming up in a few days. So I wanted to share the project I worked on a few months back–the cover for Highlights’ HighFive’s March ’14 cover! It’s presently out and about (I saw it in a local magazine shop a few days ago). Below is a photo I took of the final, printed cover, then the actual illustration, sans copy, etc., as well as a close-up of the kids. Below that are some of the rough cover concepts I submitted. My thanks to Highlights for letting me be a part of making their magazine a fun read for kids!

h5 cover pic


h5-kids snip1_72

h5-march cover ruffs(c) Highlights for Children

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Samples: Penguin Puzzler Illustration

Here’s a puzzle for a magazine back cover I did showing penguins playing in a park of sorts. This was in a January ’14 issue, I believe. See if you can find these objects “hidden” in the scene: an ice cream scoop; an ice cream cone; a mug; a pine cone; a red cardinal; a snow shoe hare; a mitten; a wool sock; ski goggles; a snow boot. I also have some close ups, if that helps.


penguin segments 1

Samples: “Snowy Search” Puzzle Illustration for Kids

This fun illustration was created for the back page puzzle of Focus on the Family’s Club House Jr. magazine’s December ’13 issue. It sure fits the season and climate, though by late January, winter has gotten long in the tooth for those in the more colder climates. Brrrr!  So this is a hidden picture puzzle, with all the letters that spell “Joy to the world” scattered throughout. I’m not sure you can find them all at the smaller scale, but do have fun trying!

fotf-snowsearch final for blog_72

Samples: “Into the Cavern” Illustration

I enjoy doing editorial illustrations for this client, where I take the freedom to explore and push my style a bit. Here’s another sample of one, recently published. Again executed in Painter 11 with the digital watercolors.


Samples: “A Hug & A Prayer” Illustration

Going back a few months, I did this editorial piece for a column called “Heartmatters”. The stories are always uplifting and this was as well. This piece was created to enhance an article by Michele Sorell. I had fun with it and played a little outside of my usual style. This is digital, using Painter 11’s digital watercolors.


Samples: Chirp Dino Story Cards

It’s a new year and I am behind in updating some illustration projects I did in 2013. So it’s time to catch up…a little. : ) Below is a collection of cartoon illustration spots for Owlkids’ Chirp magazine, the November ’13 issue. It was all about dinosaurs and I was blessed to illustrated the Silly Story Cards game the kiddos could play. It was fun to research each of the dinosaurs and do my spin on them, along with all the other objects. Below is the spread and some spots. I did some extra ones, which ended up on Chirp’s website.

chirp-dino-cover w pullout_72



(C) Owlkids

Happy New Year ’14!

Have a blessed New Year’s Eve and day, one and all!

nye14 c&d a1 for blogs

Christmas ’13: Dog & Snowflakes

Friday’s (Quick!) Christmas doodle for #HoHoDooDa.

dog & snowflake_72

Christmas ’13: Away in a Manger

Thursday’s Christmas doodle for #HoHoDooDa.

I challenged myself to try a manger scene in a dif style. This is where it is at this point. I have Mary & Joseph, and a cow and chicken sketched out to encircle the remainder of the scene, but I started stumbling over it. Joseph looks okay, but Mary….And then the chicken and cow weren’t coming off either. So I’ll work on them some more; push through. And I have no idea at the moment what to do with the setting/background. Maybe I can get this done by Christmas…


Christmas ’13: Three Kings

…Wisemen. Is that one word? Too lazy to look it up.

Today’s Christmas doodle for #HoHoDooDa.


Christmas ’13: Elf Lady with Cookies

Monday’s Christmas doodle for #HoHoDooDa. I didn’t think about this one.

elf with cookies_72