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Christmas ’13: Santa Claus

Today’s Christmas doodle for #HoHoDooDa. An experimentation with lighter line work and wash.

santa pic_72


Christmas ’13: Dog & Christmas Tree

Today’s Christmas doodle for #HoHoDooDa.

dog w tree_72

Christmas ’13: Mrs. Clause Goes Shopping

Yes, a “doodle” (though not so dashed-off) for #HoHoDooDa. Playing around in another style and seeing where it goes. That’s what doodling is for sometimes. And I don’t like to over-work my stuff so I like the imperfections.

mrs. clause 2_72

Christmas ’13: Broccoli-nosed Snowman

Christmas doodle for Monday. Also for #HoHoDooDa.broccoli-nosed snowman_72

Christmas ’13: Five Penguins Skating

Christmas doodle-of-the-day (rather, for the weekend) for #HoHoDooDa.


penguins skating_72

Christmas ’13: Kitty with Ribbon

Christmas doodle #4 for the  #HoHoDooDa challenge! Here’s the kitty-version of  the Pup Making a Mess (with ribbons). I have several versions of this, but this is my favorite:

cat w ribbon 2b_72


Christmas ’13: Pup Making a Mess

#3 of a Christmas Doodle-a-Day… Somebody’s having fun!

xmas-dog w ribbon_72

Christmas ’13: Deer with Lights

#2 for the xmas doodle-a-day (HoHoDooDa)! This is a little more than a “doodle”, however…


Christmas ’13: Happy Pup!

Here’s a character I’ve been fooling around with. Wishing I had a real pup like him to be a studio mate!

dog-ilovexmas 1_72

I’m going to try and participate in #HoHoDooDa (Christmas Doodle-a-Day) put on by some other illustrator friends out there on the yonder-net… : )

Penguin Park Inking

Something I’m working on. Inking stage. Looking forward to seeing it in color!


November WIP


A bit of showing the progress of a piece–the sketch & final of part of the over-all image, as well as other clips.

On The Drawing Board: Kid’s Birthday Party & Sea Lions

Some of the items I’m drawing up this week. Both are works in progress or roughs. I am going to enjoy these… : )


Halloween Greeting Card

Shameless advertising (Isn’t that what this blog is for…? : )

This little girl witch image was part of a promotional I did with the Illustration For Kids gang. Eventually it was modified a bit, and ended up being licensed for a “Happy Halloween, Granddaughter” greeting card. Nice to see it get some use!


On The Drawing Board: Snow Scenes and Penguins

Some stuff I’m working on this week. And one of the projects is a piece with penguins! Good that I was drawing them not so long ago…


Halloween Fun

Some personal work that I used for my Facebook and Twitter pages that I had a lot of fun doing. I even made a simple pattern! More to come, hopefully.