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Easter 3

I love this pink bunny.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patick’s Day Card

I forgot…St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, March 17th. It has me wanting to have something Irish for lunch. But I will settle for an avocado. That’s green, too!

Below is a St. Patrick’s Day greeting card I was commissioned to do a few years ago. I’ve never had green beer myself, but it looks pretty enough!


Easter 2

What is Easter without more bunnies?! This is from an Easter card I did last year. …And I just noticed he’s missing whiskers!


Easter 1

I love playing with the icons and images that surround holidays, and Easter is no exception. Being a cartoonist and humorous illustrator, images of bunnies, egg, chicks, baskets, etc. are my favorites to draw from this holiday. So I think I will be decorating my blog frequently with past and present images I am working on or are related to Easter. And I may throw spring into that mix. We shall see!

I begin with a bunny. This one is rather traditional in style and has a pattern and icons that compliment. Fun!


Illustration Friday: “Talent”

Finally!  A little something for Illustration Friday:


Click on the link above to see all the other entries. And be sure to enter something yourself!

Take A Sound Walk

Here’s a fun illustration that was published in a recent Highlights’ High Five magazine (January ’13, I think). The activity looks like a lot of fun! Try it by yourself or with children! And, as always, my thanks to the great people at Highlights!




(Copyright Highlights for Children)

Free Valentine’s Day Greeting Card!

Yeppers, another freebie! And since cats are kinda a likeable image–Hee!–Here’s one with kitties showing love! Click on the image below for a pdf to print off. Be sure and follow the trim marks, etc. Thanks for coming by!

cats card for blog_72

Highlights Illustration: “Ribbon Dancer”

I am blessed to get requests for small spot drawings. This is one I forgot about, too, for the September ’12 issue of High Five magazine. This little girl was for an activities segment and entitled “Make a Ribbon Dancer”. I’m half inclined to make one myself, it looks like so much fun!




(copyright Highlights For Children)


Illustration For Kids–Valentine’s Postcard Promo

Over at Illustration For Kids, we put out a super fun and cute promotional postcard with a Valentine’s theme!  Below is the illustration I drew up for my space. I have a lot of variations and different ideas that did before I settled on this one, which I hope to share in other postings. But for now, this was the one I decided to use to represent myself.

So please go to our blog and check out the cool work by the ladies at Illustration For Kids!

ifk-valentinespromo13 (myblog)_72

Dance Like a Duck!

I’m a little late on posting some work that was publilshed in January, but here’s a fun piece I did for a spread in the January ’13 issue of High Five magazine. It’s entitled, “Dance Like a Duck!” The cool cover illustration is by the amazing Debbie Palen. Lots of music and dancing is in this issue, for sure! Thank you, Highlights for Children!

h5 jan 13 ducks layout_72

(copyright Highlights for Children)

h5 jan 13 ducks main_72

 (copyright Highlights for Children)

Works In Progress

A smorgasbord of images I’ve been working on lately…


So Cold

A slight re-working of an old illustration. I dropped the temperature on the thermometer and added his breath-cloud. Or whatever that’s called.

Don’t go out, little squirrel!

snowyday-redo for blog_72


Chirp! Chirp! A Cartoon Spread–Austrian Body-Painting Festival

Hi everybody! I have a few things that are out in print this month so I wanted to get them up on the blog.

First up is a spread I did for the Jan-Feb ’13 issue of Chirp magazine. This was a lot of fun to assemble and figure out, to have characters applying and wearing body paint. I learned a lot about the art form just doing research. Some samples of the spread are below. Thank you, Owlkids, for the fun project!





Closer again.


Happy New Year!

A tad bit late but, hey. : )

happy new year 13_72