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On the Drawing Board: Bunnies & Bunnies

An experimentation with some ways to depict these bunnies keeping warm in their little home…

New Stuff: Owl Magazine & the Spider!

The March 2017 issue of Owl Magazine has a fascinating article by John Crossingham on the Peacock Spider. One fun thing about working on projects is what I end up learning! I had never heard of such a creature, and to read the story of this fascinating little spider was a bonus. I’m sharing the cover & spread, below, along with cropped versions of the spots in the layout. Take some time to read about this little creature! It’ll amaze you!


(c) Owlkids

On The Drawing Board: Kids Reading, Kids Playing

These are some glimpses of a new project that’s nearing the finish line. Very fun to work on, too!

On The Drawing Board: Bees, Bugs, Teacher, Students!

Some things I’ve been working on this month…


Happy New Year, 2017!

Just a little illustration to kick off the new year…


I was mucking around with this and tried several styles and backgrounds. Below is an earlier version. This kind of playing around can go on forever, as you know. You learn to say, “It’s/I’m done now” at some point.

That goes for a lot of things in life, eh? : )

Have a happy and productive 2017, all!


Christmas ’16 Mishmash 2

More “Christmas past”.


Christmas ’16 Mishmash 1

A throwback of older Christmas-related images, just for reflection.


Christmas ’16 Sketches: Hockey Fan Mouse

Canadiens fans come in all shapes and sizes.


Happy Thanksgiving 2016!


Fresh: Books & Such

These are some snippets of illustrations I did for a book, recently published. Fun style to work in and a fun book to do! More details on the book later!




Happy Halloween 2016!


High Five “Too Many Tomatoes” Illustrations

Here’s a really story I illustrated for HighLights HighFive’s August 2016 issue. It’s a fun story, written by Ellen Javernick. It’s true…Garden’s tend to yield too many tomatoes all at once! Too many for one person to eat themselves! (I could say the same for zucchini!). Also, what a super-cute cover, by Jess Pauwels! This issue is packed full of good stories, pictures, and activities, as usual! Thanks again, HighFive!






(c) Highlights)

High Five Mini-Book: “Busy Bunnies”

The recent High Five magazine has some of my illustrations. I was so excited to illustrate the mini-book (by Heidi Bee Roemer) for this issue, which featured cute bunnies in various activities! Thanks again, Highlights High Five!



(copyright Highlights)

Fondue Mice

fondu mice fl 1a-sm

“Pooch Parlor”

I’m behind in posting published illustrations, so below is a Hidden Picture I created for Highlights:

hp-val-dogsalon full

hp-val-dogsalon part

(copyright Highlights)