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August ’18: An Ogre, Ribbon Girl, Rhino Love, & More

I’m busily drawing many things–all fun, of course! Puzzles, mazes, spots for magazine articles, etc.! Below are some snippets of some of the projects I’ve worked on this summer. Happy August!

July ’18: “Cat Craze”–Kid’s Magazine Illustration

Here’s something from the July issue of Chirp magazine! It was a cat theme and I was also asked to do this two-page spread in a different style than the other “Cat Chat”. I really enjoyed painting all these cats doing fun, silly stuff. I hope the kids enjoyed the variety of “crazy cats, and that the puzzles were an added bonus to helping them in their cognitive growth!


(c) Owlkids

July ’18: Independence Day/4th of July–Firecrackers!

Happy birthday, U.S.A!

July ’18: Canada Day–Beavers and Flags

It’s not quite July, but I’m getting this up a little early, as Canada Day falls on a Sunday this year. Like the blue beaver for the fete nationale, I like to do a red beaver for Canada day. Below is this year’s sketch, along with some past ones. Some of those must have been done over a decade ago. My style has changed (some) and I hope I’m better! So, Happy Canada Day/Bonne fete du Canada, y’all!


(c) Paula J. Becker

June ’18: La Fete nationale du Quebec–Beavers and Flags

It’s holiday time in Canada and there are two that are celebrated on back-to-back weekends–St. Jean Baptiste Day & Canada Day. In Quebec, the former is a provincial holiday, also called La Fete nationale du Quebec. Over the years, I’ve had fun doing quick spot illustrations of a beaver carrying a flag, usually one for each holiday, and this year, I decided to do a fresh one, too! I also included some past examples. Bonne fete!

June 18: “Cat Chat

This is a recent puzzle project for OwlKids’ magazine, Chirp! Very fun and I loved drawing the cats!


(c) OwlKids

May 18: Misc Illustration Samples–Doctor, Pirate, & Doggies!

May 18: Black & White Illustration Samples

April 18: “An Amazon Town” Puzzle Spread

Here’s something new! A really fun magazine spread, depicting an areal view of Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil, a town in the Amazon that is a big tourist destination! And I can see why. So many amazing things to do, from swimming in a river, hiking, going to caves, waterfalls, ziplining, etc.! After researching this area, and then drawing it, I really want to go! But for now, I’ll enjoy it through this illustration. I hope kids enjoy all the information they learn when they read and play the games on this jungle spread!

Jan18–Practice3: Pirate Kids, Snow Bunnies, & Goodnight, Kitty!

Some more random samples of practice sketches. It’s always a pleasure to just draw.

Jan18–Practice2: Mad Dogs, Sheep, Sweaters, & Astronauts!

More January practice drawings.


Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Season’s Greetings! ’17

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

Christmas ’17 Time Is Here!

It’s closing in an the Christmas/holiday time, and I thought I’d post this grouping of Christmas illustrations. Each illustration was created for various projects, most self-promotional. Anyway, I thought it festive and appropriate for the season! Happy Holiday!

New Stuff: Click Magazine “Let’s Party!” Spread!

Something new! A magazine spread for Click magazine’s “Happy Birthday” issue! So fun to work on (I LOVE to do a busy, crowded scene!) and it turned out real nice in print. There’s a second spread with pull-outs from the first one, so I had to take care that where these were on the spread would also fit in the designated areas on spread 2. Thanks again, Click magazine!

Close-ups, below:

(c) CLICK magazine

New Stuff: Halloween Maze Illustration!

This fun maze I illustrated is in the October 2017 issue of OWL magazine. Wow, was this fun (and intricate!) to create! When I do mazes, I also have to work out the routes, then I can build the rest on top of that. I love how this came out, if I may say so myself! I was surprised how nice all the details printed. A big thanks to all on the art directing and editing I got from OWL! They do a great job of making sure things look as good as they can! So try the maze and see how you do!

(c) OWLkids