Monthly Archives: April 2013

April Stuff

This week’s work on the drawing board. All are works-in-progress and at the rough stage. A range of styles keeps things fresh!


Spot Illustration Fun

Thankfully, spring looks like it’s making it’s appearance. I see buds on trees, I spotted some bulbs sprouting, temps are on the rise…and most of the snow is melting away. I soon may be able to put the parka away for good!

Below are some segments of illustrations I did this year for a poster about reading books. You can read a book anywhere, dontcha know!


(copyright Highlights For Children)

Polar Bears, Baby Bears, Waiters & Octopuses

What do these things have in common? Nothing, really. Other than they are things I’ve been drawing the studio as of late. Below are just a sampling of illustrations that have been on my drawing board recently. Fun stuff, drawing octopuses getting married. Heh.