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Illustration Friday: “Swamp”

An excuse to draw an alligator…who tends to live in a swamp. This one’s having a hard time getting a phone signal. You know how swamps can be.

Lions & Tigers

Just a little something I’m working on…

Bunnies Working 1

Refreshing part of an old drawing as a warm-up exercise.

Illustration Friday: “Shades”

Playing around with my style and lettering for Illustration Friday.

Highlights Mag Illustration: “Bringing Music To Life”

Here’s a spot I did in the recent issue of Highlights magazine (March ’12). Part of it even made the cover (speaking of, nice cover there by Tim Foley!). I’m being silly with the “Lookity!” comment, but it is cool to see it displayed on the cover.

Below is the final spread. I knew the AD planned to drop it on a color background so I had to think about that.

Below: The first round of roughs I sent of the kids with NO instruments! Not sure what I was (or wasn’t thinking) at this point. I was more concerned with how I wanted to show the kid-conductor and the orchestra. I think I thought I was doing a choir. Silly me.

Below: After the AD kindly pointed out the need for instruments and notes, I went back and reworked it. Much better, yes?

Below: The above rough was approved and I didn’t deviate much from the rough. Only a few changes to the kids and cleaned it up. But I wanted the line work to be loose and easy and not over-worked, which I think I achieved. It’s usually something I feel inside me as other people can never tell when I over-work a project.  My thanks again to Cindy for the project, her patience and the fine job she does/did with the magazine!

Illustration Friday: “Intention”

Yellow Bunny is wondering what Pink Bunny’s intentions are. Good?  not good?

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Samples: Highlights For Children Stuff

Happy Monday, all! Just a quick posting to thank Highlights for Children for selecting me for “Illustrator of the Month”. That was the month of February, so I’m a little late in posting this. : )

Highlights is the only magazine (rather, publishing company) I know of that expresses such great appreciation like they do to illustration, illustrators, and the illustrators that they contract. These platters and letters are just a part of their way of conveying the value they have for illustrators. The party they throw each year is amazing (I attended two years ago. Wow!), not to mention the relationship they build with their contractors. It’s got a family-feel to it all.

So thank you, Christine, Cynthia, Kelley and staff, for choosing me for the month of February! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys, too!

And, below, is the spread that they are talking about…”The Champion Of Quiet”, a cute story written by Tracy Stewart.

Below: A pull-out of the first spot from the spread.

Illustration Friday: Capable 2 & 3

I’m struggling today to get on task concerning certain stuff and I decided a creative diversion to mentally/emotionally refuel was in order. So I took the IF prompt to task and created 2 more. The Easter Bunny thing is the focal point again, but in a different style.

And then back in the cartoon style: