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Sketches: BYC Danger!

The above is a sketch I did early this week. Not much to say about it other than it’s…what it is. Just an area of the yacht club that has stuff strewn all around; a dumping ground, so to speak. I liked the sign; the horizon, water and sky were all a blue green that evening. Nothing outstanding. The wind was calm, and as you can see, no wave action. As I was finishing, I could hear one lone duck quacking somewhere in the water below. And,no…cat-walker guy didn’t make an appearance. : )


I’ll be gone until mid-next week so no posting until then. No internet and computer for me either. I plan on doing a lot of sketching and drawing though. I will share the those when I return. Until then, enjoy the danger sign!

Illustration Friday: "Idle"

Ah, the idle teenager. Though I do my fair share of this kind of idle behavior myself!

Sketches: On LJ At Dusk

Comics: The Cat Walker 2

I’m not sure how this ended because I left soon after. The Cat Walker had disappeared from my view; and the cat did as well. I assume the man paddled back and retrieved his kitty. But, weird, huh? The guy was walking his cat from his kayak!

Sketches: July Sunset

I took a short walk through the PC Village yesterday evening. I had wanted to go to the concert in the park in Beaconsfield but I thought it looked like rain and convinced myself they would have moved it indoors. And I had no desire to bicycle to the park to make sure and then have it start pouring down. Later I wished I’d just headed over there to make sure, but oh well. I wandered around The Village a little, watching the latter part of a softball game and doing what-not.  Within a half hour or so, I noticed the sky clearing and some pink clouds towards the west, so I quickly headed over to where I could get a view of the sunset, assuming that it was going to be a colorful one. On my way there, I came across a man who was walking his two cats.  One was following okay (though he had a stressed look about him), but the other had found something else of interest (I last saw him/her in someone’s yard, hundreds of feet behind us). The man said the cats love walking (actually he said, “They like routine”), but the fact that there were too many “darn people around” made it difficult. Well, gosh. Anyway, the sunset really was spectacular (even the cat-walking man declared it so). I did a quickly scrawled sketch of the scene, making color notes so I’d remember that this was a mostly pink-orange and purple sunset, then finished off the coloring in Painter X. Lovely!

Sketches: Lazy Moment at St. James Park

I went over to the park after work yesterday evening with the intent to take a short nap, but laying on the hard ground really isn’t all that comfortable. Or rather, it’s not conducive for falling asleep. That was always one of my struggles when camping. I like a softer bed and that was hard to come by sleeping outdoors in a tent. Sure a good air mattress can solve that, but the bulk of my camping days were done when I was bicycle touring. Maybe now there’s a specialty air mattress that is small and weighs only a few ounces and takes up little space. Weight and mass are a critical issue when you are carrying all your belongs on your bike. Anyway, all of that to say, I find had surfaces difficult to sleep on.  And rather than read my book, I took out the sketchpad and did a sort of self-portrait here, of me drawing while reclining. That took my mind off the hard ground.

Sketches: Apollo 11 Brooch

Below: Photo of  brooch.

Sketches: St. Anne De Bellevue Farmers Market

I was out looking for garage sales in the late morning, but because the weather has been rainy as of late I didn’t see any out there. The only area I looked for them in was the neighborhoods that are in the vicinity of Lakeshore Drive, extending from where we live to St. Anne de Bellevue (which is at the western tip of the island of Montreal). I rarely go as far as St. Anne but I was thinking I might as well check out the farmers market there since I wasn’t having any garage sale luck and was close by. The farmers market in St. Anne is very small, but it has a nice atmosphere, being right on the water and a short distance from the locks. Some of the vendors are local organic farms, selling seasonal vegetables and berries, meats, baked goods, jellies and jams. One vendor gave me a sample of their raspberry sorbet (It tasted alright but I thought it a bit airy for a sorbet). There was also a vendor selling crafted soaps and another who had several tables of orchids, I think. I don’t exactly know if she was selling her plants or what as I didn’t stop to ask. There was also live music to keep the mood festive: two fellows playing blues and rock oldies, including Stairway to Heaven (The one guitarist did a decent job of pulling off Page’s guitar solo at the end. I was impressed). I had my sketchbook with me but there wasn’t really anywhere within the market where I could hide away and sketch people.  So I sat on  bench that faced the other side of the street and sketched a portion of the Hotel De Ville/City Hall. I would have drawn the lower part except that there was a huge truck and trailer parked in front and blocking the view. After sketching the hotel, I moved across the street and sketched the market area, below.

Sketches: Working Outside (Again)

While working on client work, I did a few quick and easy sketches of things/people around me on my computer (using my Wacom tablet and Painter X). This was one of them. Oh, huh. I see a typo in the copy above. Everybody was eating “lunch”, not “luch”. Sheesh.

Sketches: View of Lake, St. James Park

I went on a sketching binge yesterday, and it felt good. After dinner I went cycled to a nearby waterside park (one of several I sketched from a lot previously) to relax and just take in the summer evening.  I had found an unused sketchbook on my bookshelf that is extra wide and made of recycled paper. I’ve decided to use it as my Summer of ’09 sketchbook. It has a vintage quality about it that I like in the field, but is taking me some time to get used to when it comes to scanning and finishing off the sketch, as the background is off-white.

Sketches: Bilboquet, Etc.

What a messy looking page of notes and images, eh? I took a break from work and went into the Pointe Claire Village (PCV) to sketch. A new shop opened up July 1–Le Bilboquet Cafe/Glacier. Yes, a second ice cream shop has opened in the PCV. This one is only a 60 second walk from my front door however, verses a 3 minute walk to the other (That would be you, Wild Willy’s! And, yes, you’re due a sketch, I know). When I finished, I went to the shop to sample the product (wink!). The ice cream is rather gourmet-ish, where they offer mini-cones for $2 (probably more than enough for the average person, really). I decided to pick up a pint of “Choco-chic”, a dark chocolate ice cream to bring home and share with The Mister. Once home, a quick sketch of the pint itself seemed appropriate, while I was sampling, of course. My take? The Choco-chic is nice but not exceptional. Maybe one of their more unusual flavors would encourage me to give it a five-star rating. Next time!

Warm Up: 2 Little Pigs

I’m playing around with different tools here (Both pigs are done digitally, btw). Pig #1 is done with a dry ink brush and colorized with pastels and pencil and a bit of splattered ink. I like that the ink line is a little unpredicable, going from thin to thick, etc. It’s kinda tight but not really. Pig #2 is done with in a dark brown pencil. I do the line work lightly then double up the line layer to thicken it up. The background is done with pastels and pencil. Does the treatment of the line make a big difference here? It does in how I go about treating the over-all drawing but not sure from first glance. Thoughts?

Illustration Friday: "Hollow"

(A version of me, eating a hollow chocolate bunny.)

At Easter time, when I’m eyeing the chocolates and chocolate bunnies, I always look for a solid one. But they’re hard to come by if you’re looking for a good-sized one.  Either way, I enjoy them as a once-a-year treat.

Sketches: Sunday Restday

Sometimes when the weather isn’t conducive for sailing (or even if it is), it’s nice to just sit inside our boat and relax. Such was the case today. The skies looked threatening and we decided to just hang out. It was a busy weekend, given it was my husband’s birthday today. We threw him a “surprise” party Saturday night, though he was well aware it was taking place. Heh! So today we ate breakfast and dinner out, and in between relaxed on the boat, where I did the sketch, above.

Warm Up: Fall Girl

I was doing random warm-up drawings this morning, this little girl being among them. Starting with a head, then a scarf around a neck, led to a fall spot.